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swiftkaratechop avatar 2:50 AM on 05.28.2008  (server time)

Well I was sitting at my moms looking at all the out dated systems my sisters play (except for the WII, but yea graphics might as well be outdated =X).

I use to be ANTI-XBOX but after I purchased my xbox360 my ways have changed and I accept it as a fulfilling system now :) BUT YES LETS RIDE BACK TO THE MAIN TOPIC!

So I see her xbox and I start digging through her games and they are all LAME, until I see "The Incredibles" (you know the one based on the movie)

I'm a dork ok!!!!! I really enjoyed the film so I decided "Hey look its another gay game based on a film.....LETS PLAY IT!" and to my surprise it was AMAZING! It had a active dodging system so you could roll out of the way of projectiles and you could team up with your ICE PAL and have him freeze robots, allowing you to throw them at your enemies.

So I keep playing the game and its rather fulfilling it had a leveling system, different styles of attacks with POWER MOVES, and the storyline made me feel like I was watching "The Incredibles 2".

EVEN THOUGH this game is for children and based on a children's movie it was packed with entertainment.


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