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My names Matt, better known as SwiftKarateChop from youtube. Iím just your everyday guy. Iím from Alabama, just recently moved to California, so I rock the custom accent. Iíve been gaming since I was about 3 and still going strong. I love all types of games, from fps, rts, to mmorpg. Iím a PC junkie.

I am extremely easy to get along with and I love making people laugh.
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so the Cinci NARP was AMAZING! honestly I met soooo many bad@ss people.

**that reminds me who all did i tell about the blue motherf@cker lmao i was like walking around like TRY THIS BLUE SHIT**


i bought drinks for alot of people too and i don't even remember who i bought them for, also who the hell drank out of my glass the whole night haha it was Bunny and Britini tag teaming all my damn blue motherf@ckerssss!

lol OK so NARP was extreme and I don't even remember that much(thank you....BLUE MOTHERFUCKER! lol) If i met you and we hung out totally leave me a comment and be like "WE RUBBED PENISES UNTIL WE MADE FIRE MATT!!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!"

I LOVE PUPPET AND BUNNY because they came to rescue me WHILE bigpopagamer was jacking coonskin off lmao!

COONSKIN DUDE, your f@cking hilarious when your drunk hahaha
remember holding my face when me and bongdonkey came to get you guys, i thought you were trying to pull my face off and wear it as a mask lol.

RON i love you dude, sorry that we had our "tech difficulties" BUT your cousin lady...i most def love her more 0.o im sorry but for reals......( . )( . ) <= those = boobs.

i love all you guys, even though im a NOOBIE i felt the family warmth

Zserv dude your awesome haha, everytime I seen you i was like BOOBIE DUDE! you totally had the most epic night because you will not forget it unlike me WEE =P

Britini you were awesome, like a uber cool dork in person...possibly....astage cooler than me...and thats like IMPOSSIBLE =P and we totally (and yes i said WE!!!) totally made Zservs night, b/c look everytime I seen him i was like BRIT BOOBIE HUG HIM NOW! and boom we teamworked that shit like never before.

BigPopaGamer one of the coolest dudes ever for letting me ride with you. I enjoyed our conversations of vagina and the hella awesome detour haha. Pure awesomeness

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