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My names Matt, better known as SwiftKarateChop from youtube. Iím just your everyday guy. Iím from Alabama, just recently moved to California, so I rock the custom accent. Iíve been gaming since I was about 3 and still going strong. I love all types of games, from fps, rts, to mmorpg. Iím a PC junkie.

I am extremely easy to get along with and I love making people laugh.
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So I am officially glad and going to thank Chad and Dennis for suggesting Fallout 3.

Lets Begin
So on the night of my going away party and we all wipe the tears away from the grand viewing of "Show Girls", courtesy of Chad <3 lol, I ask "So i'm thinking about getting Fallout 3, should I?". Immediately after asking the question I found myself wondering "Holy Butt Fuck Nuggets what have I got myself into?!"

So shortly after christmas I decided to pickup a copy of Fallout 3 and everything they said was the truth and now i've given myself constant blue balls from the past 2 weeks. Currently I've placed over 20 hours in the game without becoming bored and I've done maybe 2 main quest outside of megaton hahah.

Being able to have a computer A.I. join you along the way makes for amazing companionship and gives you a good time to enjoy the world around you without being LONELY!

The Game is amazing when it comes to exploration and I honestly feel like the actions I make are changing the world around me.

I'm so inlove with the enviroment and the way I can just totally do anything.
For Instance
Me "I like Yo Bike Nigguh"
Biker "Ummm It's a pink scooter"
Me "Ima fook yo face!"
Biker "That will be 5 bottle caps"
Me " Oh....Alright"
*pays for awesome pink scooter BJ*
5 seconds later
Biker "Hope it was good for ya babuh"
Me *Combat Shotgun to the Biker Face"
Me "Now we both got brains BIOTCH"
*Rides into sunset on a badass pink scooter*

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