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swiftkaratechop avatar 11:44 PM on 11.07.2008  (server time)
24 hrs of GOW2

Lets start this off by sayings GoW2 Launch was awesome, not just the event, but the people I hung out with made the event amazing beyond belief. Dexter, -D-, Tyler, Charlie, Travis and Myself made this event into a really big homosexual d-toid festival...just the way we like it!

Official Amazing Quotes
-"Ball Neckin"
-"Sternum Wine"
-"Ya im from Denmark we dance"
-"Also Cocks"

Charlie takes awesome pictures

Well We hung out talked about games and alot of penis and had a great time. It was getting early into the morning and we all decided to head out. Tyler and I hop in the truck and start heading out towards Ventura, but of course stopping to get amazing DEL TACO!. I get home about 2:30 and what do I find....a drunk girl has taken over my bed! NOT THE GOOD KIND EITHER the kind tgat you actually want to leave.

I mean shes a friend of my roommate and im use to coming home to them being shitty and crashing here for awhile to sober up. So I grab my laptop head into the kitchen and get into the emailer and inform everybody of my awesome find. At around 5am drunk girl #2 decided to wake up and go home....but guess what, it's drunk girl #1 who has my bed. AHHHHH but im a nice guy so it's whatever. I keep everybody updated on the website as I see the light of daytime peaking into my kitchen windows. Uh Oh it like 8am starting to need sleep, WAIT NEVERMIND found a awesome picture.

Just badass enough to keep me awake

I struggle on and talk to my roommate, since he is up going to work. It's 10 am and I have passed the point of no return, my body is weak but my mind is i crack several fat chick jokes on the e-mailer about my drunk encounter. 11:30 rolls around and she finally wakes up packs her shit and leaves. YAY!!! it's time to wash the smell of alcohol off my covers WOOT WOOT. haha The sheets finished washing and drying around 1pm....and thats when it hit me....I've officially been awake over 24 hours. KICKASS i'm a beast woot woot. I laughed, I cried, I shit, I Peed, I cried some more, and finally I slept!

Right before I fell asleep though I remember thinking...all this for gears of war 2....i wish i would of bought it now =P 24 hrs for gears of war gears of war gears of war and i didn't even buy the game.

but apparently I did stink my hand up Dexter's ass 0.o OPPS <3

I love you guys, dtoid LA is amazing. SEE YOU GUYS AT NERDCORE!!! 8===D
Im from denmark and we dance because we are ball neckin

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