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My name is Billy i.e the Fantastic Super Hobo!
I live in Ireland, a country devoid of all things in gaming, and as a member of the EU, one of the last places in the world to recieve most games.

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As some of you may have read in a previous blog, my 360 died last month and I haven't been able to get it fixed for cheap. Therefore I have been devoid of 360 gaming for the last few weeks. I was angry, confused, hurt. I turned back to my old friend, the PS2 and relived some old memories (and some new ones).

Yesterday however, something magical happened. My college roommate brought his Xbox down with him to our new place and set it up in the living room. Having connected it to the net I proceeded to download my profile. Magic, my avatar and gamescore were saved. But that's not all: I remembered from various podcasts that I could redownload all of my purchased XBLA games. Bingo, twenty minutes later I had all of my old games on the system. Nice.

So now instead of being consoleless and gameless, I now have a console on which I can play all my downloaded games happily (until my roommate moves away). Hurray for Microsofts download system. Now, if I bring down my old Hard Drive I can even get my old save files back. Better than nothing.


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