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superbeefy2050's blog

10:15 PM on 10.21.2008

So.... My Xbox 360 Just Died

Yea.... Playing Unreal Tournament 3 on the 360 has decided to kill my Xbox 360. Now, its not the dreaded 3 red rings of death, its the 1 flashing red ring with an E47 error message. Now, after checking and trying out all their tomfoolery, I decided to call Xbox support to get a repair order.

After a lengthy conversation with the clueless rep, its been determined that my 360 is out of warranty. Apparently, the 3 red rings have a 3 year warranty. The 1 flashing red ring means a 1 year warranty and that expired on F*CKING OCTOBER 18TH.

Now a question for my fellow dtoiders with which I dont think has ever been asked before. How do I cause the 3 red rings. Yes, I am asking how to create the 3 red rings for my 360 so that I don't have to waste f*cking $99 to get a refurbished 360. Any ideas?
Or better yet, is there anyway to fix this 1 single red ring?   read

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