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super2j's blog

7:16 PM on 08.19.2009

first time for me.

Man i feel like professor Oak should show up and welcome me to the wonderful world of blogging. I mean i
have no idea how to do this, but have many ideas i want to right down. So, if i anger anyone, please excuse
me as i just go for it and just start writing......and btw i looked at the "Destructoid's new member's survival
guide ".
SO, the biggest news of the week has to be the price cut by sony. To me, this is good since it may
result in many people buying a ps3. That is the obvious goal, that is what all have clamoured for. But sadly the
pour left over 80gbs will be ignored like trash, and when you look at why this is the case, it is easy to
understand. So to look at how things are going to go, nobody is going to buy a ps3 until the slim, which will
result in less sales now, but will most likely be made up for later thru discounts on the ignored 80gb and the
slim. Yay greeat, people will jump at the new slim and after great fall sales and maybe even a good showing at
the holiday sales, sony will have an optimistic view on the future. But after this has passed, there may still not
be enough sales to make a difference, or the wii and the xbox both recieve another price drop. Consumers
are fickle and will forget about the ps3, or will be inticed by the prices of the wii and xbox. In my perspective,
the slim is a short term answer to the third place problem. So how does sony solve this problem?

The answer is simple and is actually answered by me, in a comment i placed in an article (which is
the inspiration to this post). "Sony's worst problem is there inability to show the average consumer what they
are exactly paying for. To the normal consumer, sony ps3 is a game station with bluray. The fact that it has
bluray is the only thing thats been advertised so far. If with this price cut, sony launches a decent marketing
campaign which will show the consumer that they are paying for quality (when compared to failure rate of
). If people understand what each console is capable of, then the ps3 will look like a much
better deal then the xbox/wii. I mean last year a man came into the store, he was an audiophile. He knew alot
about audio related devices. And he came to buy a ps3, when he explained about some feature (something to
do with uncompressed audio that sounds like theater quality or something) that the ps3 has that no other
console or most bluray players had. And he then told us how the ps3 is the cheapest and highest quality
device for this. Me and my coworker were in awe of how advanced the ps3 was. When this type of info is
distributed, sales WILL only go up." - super2j (me).

All of sony's comercials lack the information and have to much freaky baby.

What i am wondering is why the playstation marketing division has not realised that this may be the case, if
people are atleast impressed with what the ps3 can do, then atleast it will be on there minds. If its on there
minds then if that doesn't result in that person buying one, it may result in that person telling some one else
who will face the same decision but get a ps3. Word of mouth is powerful and people will only let travel what
is interesting like for example: did you know the wii is motion sensing, you can practice your bowling at home!!!
and with the family!!!. And thats what i mean about sales going up.

thanks for your time, please don't be too brutal with you comments.   read

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