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supamunky avatar 8:45 AM on 03.06.2012  (server time)
Tales in New Eden: Moral dilemma

Itís been a long while since I told the story of my fast loss of a new Retriever in a sketchy part of space. But things have improved for me. I am currently working off my debt from receiving a Drake from the corp. I agreed to mine/ aquire the materials needed so Iíve spent a few hours playing other games whilst mining like a bastard.

I noticed when I made one trip out to the rocks there was another mining ship. He had heavy drones circling his ship. There was also another ship hanging around. That ship was a pirate pecking at the guyís ship. I was thinking I should leave them to it as I have got lots to sort myself out with. But I then thought: I could help out with my little drones. So I changed my path to give chase. Problem is that my ship is slow as fuck so during my time of flying towards the pirate to get in range with my drones to save the day. I did even consider taking the spoils of the mining ship by attacking as well. But figured better of it as I am fairly sure my light drones would get smashed and only having one more in reserve if another is blown up. So I kept to the plan to help the fellow. It took a while to get into the fight.

It didnít take long to kill the pirate once I managed to reach the damn ship and got to mine what I needed. I started a private chat with the guy thanked me for helping him out. He also wondered why his drones werenít working for him and I simply told him straight about it. He was thankful for that too.
That was my one good turn in the world of Eve Online. Hopefully the dude doesnít gank me in the future.

I might try and keep up my goings on in New Eden. Might get something more interesting to type about. The corp Iím in seems to be getting the attention of undesirables so probably going to get into some fights if Iím lucky.

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