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Today wasn't a good day for me in the Blue Republic. I logged in tonight to find we are now at war with a corp called Born 2 Kill. Well.... shit. We need to fight someone other than reds now. So I joined a fleet to go to war and it turns out they wanted anything better than what I had. That included a cruiser. So I jumped out of fleet and shot off to find someone selling a Caracal for 7 mil. "I'm used to them" I tohught. I took one out on a PvP roam back with PC Gamer and lost that pretty quickly in a fight.
So once I got it. I needed to fit it. Figured I'd go for some tier 1 gear as I know getting nice things will only end up being destroyed. Problem was that my route was blockaded by a large number of Born 2 Kill members and I have no weapons on my shiny cruiser. So I took a detour! 15 jumps to get round. That worked.
I faced a new issue. I was missing some parts of my fitting. So off I went to Jita to shop. Passing through I saw a little Merlin frigate. Didn't touch me on the way through. But once I was fitted I thought I could take him. I'm in the bigger ship with more guns. It's going to be a pushover. My ship is shield tanked and I can warp scramble him so he can't leave...................

I warped in and I thought. "A 1vs1 will be glorious." I got straight to aiming and shooting. Problem was that he was already on me and quickly scrammed and webbed me so not only am I unable to leave. I was moving really slow (I knew a bigger afterburner would have worked but didn't have/buy one). Next problem was that my missiles were hitting the Merlin but doing piss-poor damage, which baffled me. The git must've been boosting his own shield from damage like crazy. Lastly he got on me so quick with his blasters they just bit through my ship and within a minute of trying to run back to the warp gate, my shields were gone and I knew the ship would be lost...

Luckily I remembered to insure it and got 5 mil back from a 7 mil purchase. The equipment I fitted was mostly tier 1 so it was likely free from drops or got the lot for half a mil. So I learnt from my mistakes.

1. Don't go off to fight in a war on your own.
2. Always pay for tier 2.
3. A stasis web would have been a lot more useful to keep the merlin away from me.

Above is the current status of the war. The B2K corp has lost a lot of money picking a fight with Blue Republic. Even better is that when you fight Blue Rep. Red Fed become an ally. So soon they can join the war and their current 39 losses to our 4 may spiral out of control once a bigger corp wades in. They've lost 3.7 billion isk already. So that's something to smile about.

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