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supamunky avatar 3:04 PM on 02.20.2012  (server time)
I'm watching you play...

Nearly a month ago, I was on call and my girlfriend came over for the weekend. So we were trying to figure out what we can do. She wondered what the new free Onlive box I had was all about so I demonstrated it to her (she is a gamer so she liked the idea of it). So I showed her all the games that I have access to in the Playpass bundle and she noticed a game she likes to see. It wasn't Red Faction: Guerilla. Not Lego Batman.

She liked the looks of Saw: The Game. Fucking Saw. She hits the A button on the controller and away we went to start playing that game. The start of the game has a quick time event. An event that isn't very well explained. The dude dies in a pretty instant way of getting his head crushed. I try and the same occurred. Finally I mashed the controller like an absolute bastard. That worked.

So we got playing. The game is not too bad if it was shorter and tried to vary it up a bit and removed combat because it's complete shit (be more like Amnesia damn it). But what was interesting is that people kept spectating whilst we played and were cheering and jeering depending how things went at times like surviving a trap room that has some one else on the line or punching said person after they survived. Like usually some one might watch for like a minute and get bored but some people were watching for like 20-30 minutes at a time and it was always someone different every time. It's a lot more often. It did make me think: Do people like watching people play shit games? Have you ever played a bad game and people just like to sit and watch you play? Is it just that people like to see someone else go through a crappy game.
My supporting evidence is that people never watch me play a game I have fun on like Darksiders, Just Cause 2 or Pro Evo.

I think my girlfriend proved this even further when she decided to play a dumb horse game as she likes horses but even she thought that game was shit. People liked to see her play that on my account. It probably doesn't help that it got me friends requests...

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