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I live in the UK. I work in IT and I play far too many videogames as some may say to me. That's all you'll get for now like the dark and mysterious man who hides under your bed.
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Today wasn't a good day for me in the Blue Republic. I logged in tonight to find we are now at war with a corp called Born 2 Kill. Well.... shit. We need to fight someone other than reds now. So I joined a fleet to go to war and it turns out they wanted anything better than what I had. That included a cruiser. So I jumped out of fleet and shot off to find someone selling a Caracal for 7 mil. "I'm used to them" I tohught. I took one out on a PvP roam back with PC Gamer and lost that pretty quickly in a fight.
So once I got it. I needed to fit it. Figured I'd go for some tier 1 gear as I know getting nice things will only end up being destroyed. Problem was that my route was blockaded by a large number of Born 2 Kill members and I have no weapons on my shiny cruiser. So I took a detour! 15 jumps to get round. That worked.
I faced a new issue. I was missing some parts of my fitting. So off I went to Jita to shop. Passing through I saw a little Merlin frigate. Didn't touch me on the way through. But once I was fitted I thought I could take him. I'm in the bigger ship with more guns. It's going to be a pushover. My ship is shield tanked and I can warp scramble him so he can't leave...................

I warped in and I thought. "A 1vs1 will be glorious." I got straight to aiming and shooting. Problem was that he was already on me and quickly scrammed and webbed me so not only am I unable to leave. I was moving really slow (I knew a bigger afterburner would have worked but didn't have/buy one). Next problem was that my missiles were hitting the Merlin but doing piss-poor damage, which baffled me. The git must've been boosting his own shield from damage like crazy. Lastly he got on me so quick with his blasters they just bit through my ship and within a minute of trying to run back to the warp gate, my shields were gone and I knew the ship would be lost...

Luckily I remembered to insure it and got 5 mil back from a 7 mil purchase. The equipment I fitted was mostly tier 1 so it was likely free from drops or got the lot for half a mil. So I learnt from my mistakes.

1. Don't go off to fight in a war on your own.
2. Always pay for tier 2.
3. A stasis web would have been a lot more useful to keep the merlin away from me.

Above is the current status of the war. The B2K corp has lost a lot of money picking a fight with Blue Republic. Even better is that when you fight Blue Rep. Red Fed become an ally. So soon they can join the war and their current 39 losses to our 4 may spiral out of control once a bigger corp wades in. They've lost 3.7 billion isk already. So that's something to smile about.

Like the title says, I'm back in and balls deep this time. I went for the Power of 2 deal. So I got me another character on the go who is a full blown industrialist. She is mining and making shit already. Best news is that this new character ain't far from my main character now.
For I have joined the Blue Republic in the fight against the Red Federation in the never ending war (from 2006(?))! But on my first night I forgot that you need to sort out quitting the last corp I was in. So 24 hours later I was a blue and tonight instead of hauling shit to my new home. I jumped in my Super Merlin and joined the fleet to do battle. The only problem was that I have been drinking a little vodka to forget that I'm on-call (pain in the arse) this weekend.

Now I was a little bit worried about my Merlin. It is a shield tank with a some close range blasters with a web and a armour repairer as backup. I was worried that splitting it a little bit would cause an issue of sorts or I am wasting it on more useful low slots. Turned out things went well for me for once.

Once the fleet mobilised. We ventured out and got into a fight of 30 vs 30. This was the first time I was in a what felt like a large scale battle. It was fucking brilliant. I was weaving between ships shooting at them and doing some good damage to them. Luckily my shield tank is a little overkill with some rigs to boost my shield health and add a lot of EM resistance with my invulnerability field. I took a lot of damage and got only as low as my shield. Not once was my shield eaten up. Once we finished off the red's cruiser, in which I contributed a massive 7% of the damage given to him. We took off back to safer ground where more blues were joining the fight. We bolstered up to 40 odd pilots. But me slowly getting drunk and chatting to a friend on Steam ended up with me being extremely lost. I joined up again 5 - 10 minutes later I managed to find them in the middle of nowhere. Where we eventually took to the fight once again.

We entered the fight once more. This battle was more confusing as we had a different fleet commander and I wasn't aware who he was talking about when making primary. So I shot at people blindly but unfortunately my guns are shit at range. I gotta get close. So I may have got on killmails with just adding webbing to a victim. But once I leant what was going on. I helped mop up and help finish any last reds. We won this battle for sure. Unfortunately I missed out on looting any space wrecks. But a great thing happened. A red federation salvager came along to try and get some of the loot too. But didn't realise we hadn't left. He was an easy target to 40+ Blues.

We took off to ready up and get ourselves ready for my last battle. I heard about an old Blue player that joined the reds recently. The Blues wanted him dead. We got into the fight once more. Problem was that I warped in with the larger ships. So I was 20 - 30km away from everyone else. I had to burn in. But once I was in and had learnt from the previous fight. I was pew pewing away. I took some hits but still nothing did much against me. I was concentrating on ruining the other frigates day by webbing and shooting them down once they had slowed. I think it went well. I even got a few mil of tech 2 gear dropped by some of the reds. That will be handy for my cruisers and destroyers. :)

So what have I learnt today? PvP is great when in a corp that is in a perpetual war. Also that I learnt some new fleet coms skills and drinking and procrastinating can lead to being a lone pup in a sea of red.
I'll get more detailed battle reports. But at the moment. I've drunk too much to not remember the grand details of the battle.
I think I'm going to fit in nicely with the Blue Republic. :)

Back again from the world of Eve Online. But the corp has been organising who wants to do what to try and get us organised into groups and I have opted for PvP. Because seeing ships fight and die is great! With this, we had started performing PvP roams to learn the ropes and to try and get some kills under the corp banner.

So we did our first roam in destroyers. It was more of a training exercise really. I took my Cormorant, a Caldari destroyer that seems to be good with Hybrid Railguns. I also fitted it with some shield tanking along with a rocket launcher and auto-cannon to protect myself even better at close range if there's anything giving me grief. Once we all showed up and I accidentally locked a teammate as a target. We were told the rules and how things work. So we set off for low-sec with aims to screw over some lone pilot in the badlands.
We followed orders to a decent degree. We had a guy trying to catch up nearly bring the enemy to us. But luckily we got away and finally we reached 0.0 space.
Iíve been to low-sec before when I joined a pirate gang for a short while before getting Eve out of my system but I learnt that low-sec isnít much different to high-sec in terms of how the world works. But 0.0 had things Iíve never seen before like warp bubbles. A member of the fleet was explaining what these were to us but as he was doing so. A cruiser showed up. Launched drones and commenced blasting at us. The good news I was far away. The bad news was his ship was moving further away from the rest of us and manage to wipe 2 of us out. So we made a hasty retreat back into high-sec and called it a night.

Earlier this week. We set off for another excursion in larger ships. Cruisers and Battleships. This trip was a little more ill-fated. We were taking the same route back into 0.0 as we did before but this time we were spotted by an enemy ship. Our scout went on ahead to check out the next warpgate and things were bad. There was a gate camp out for us. We made a break for it and we starting jumping to planets to give ourselves some room. We were being followed, we saw more people were piling in. Soon enough a few enemy ships warped not far from us and managed to warp scramble both myself and another pilot. We were stuck to just fight and survive. I panicked and fired at my aggressor with all I had and turn on my defenses. It was no good. My weapons were shit compared to his shields and soon enough more and more poured in. We were done for and soon enough my ship had blown up.
We ran back with our tails in our legs again but we came back for more. I had to go to a smaller ship. We went back another way and this was a bigger success. We reached 0.0 and went deeper within. Problem was that we hit a warpgate and our scout managed to warp into a gate camp and got destroyed. We were trying to figure out what to do when another ship warped to the gate. He took one glance at us and went straight into the fight. Tanking up and taking out another one of us. We could do nothing to hurt him. We ran, he mocked us. We just ran back again and gave up.

One day, our corp will manage a kill. But the last few weeks were not that day. Maybe Iíll do the next roam in a frigate. It will certainly be a cheaper night out.

I have finally got round to finishing Need for Speed: The Run just yesterday. So I was going to make an article about my disappointment on Twisted Metal, but donít want some disgruntled fan hunting me down in a fucking ice cream van.

But The Run is a take on the across the US sort of street race and instead of being just you gunning it for a shit tonne of hours going across the US as fast as possible. Where it could do some epic single runs through the game if the hardware could possibly handle the constant loading of new world whilst you drive. Oh no no no. This one wants to follow the story of a bloke called Jack. Jack starts off in a shit tonne of trouble where he is going to get crushed in a car. But this kicks off a quick time event and the success is where you drive out...
But after that Ďsuccessí you got told thereís a race going on and you go grab a car and off on your driving adventure of sorts.

So the game is broken up with overtake challenges (sound plausible). Battle challenges (ok... so you just pull over when you are overtaken?) and Checkpoint challenges where it says MAKE UP TIME and have to see no other drivers and get through the stage. They also throw in the odd challenge where you have to overtake these characters and win so itís the same as the first type of challenge. It sometimes starts where they will ram or damage your car somehow and fuck off but that makes no fucking difference to the handling because the cars handle pretty inconsistent from what I played. Also some of the characters you beat will show up again for no reason as to why I think of apart from the last guy where I didnít get to beat him as my car was fucked up.
Where the illusion of a big race is broken due to there being no reason why they bloody say you need to reach X position by Y location. But you canít get ahead of that in anyway because of how the game works. You just have to gain X positions to move on. Itís making peopleís dream summer of doing an illegal street race across a country feel binary and dull. I want to accidentally run a dude down in a my ill-gotten Ford Mustang and make the split second decision to just keep going and hope the car isnít completely fucked to make it to the end.

The last race though takes the piss in terms of how a racing game cannot be cinematic and a racer at the same time as it shows how clearly it doesnít care if you are good at racing. The race is 9 miles long and at one point you get separated pretty badly. When you re-join the race to the finish. The other guy is just a little ahead of you. So you go back to the race and if you get close enough. He will boost the fuck away. But donít worry, you will see both of you together at the next bend and then itís just a drag race for the last straight. Itís the only way you are challenged.

The Run shouldíve been a game where you can just concentrate on hammering through a massive race driving 50-100 mile stretches overtaking so many before hitting a checkpoint. We couldíve left out the Frostbyte engine. We donít need that to make a good racing game by making flashy effects and a terrible story. I want to be just straight up racing like a nutter across a tonne of ground finding the quickest way. The fastest way across the country. Not a linear story you will hate. I want to be speeding speeding past the desert bus and have to keep pumped on speed to not fall asleep at the wheel but start wigging out thinking spacebats are sweeping down at you. That would be fantastic.

Right Iím off to offer my script to EA to RETAKE NFS THE RUN! It will have the graphics of Outrun and the questionable ethics of Saints Row.

Itís been a long while since I told the story of my fast loss of a new Retriever in a sketchy part of space. But things have improved for me. I am currently working off my debt from receiving a Drake from the corp. I agreed to mine/ aquire the materials needed so Iíve spent a few hours playing other games whilst mining like a bastard.

I noticed when I made one trip out to the rocks there was another mining ship. He had heavy drones circling his ship. There was also another ship hanging around. That ship was a pirate pecking at the guyís ship. I was thinking I should leave them to it as I have got lots to sort myself out with. But I then thought: I could help out with my little drones. So I changed my path to give chase. Problem is that my ship is slow as fuck so during my time of flying towards the pirate to get in range with my drones to save the day. I did even consider taking the spoils of the mining ship by attacking as well. But figured better of it as I am fairly sure my light drones would get smashed and only having one more in reserve if another is blown up. So I kept to the plan to help the fellow. It took a while to get into the fight.

It didnít take long to kill the pirate once I managed to reach the damn ship and got to mine what I needed. I started a private chat with the guy thanked me for helping him out. He also wondered why his drones werenít working for him and I simply told him straight about it. He was thankful for that too.
That was my one good turn in the world of Eve Online. Hopefully the dude doesnít gank me in the future.

I might try and keep up my goings on in New Eden. Might get something more interesting to type about. The corp Iím in seems to be getting the attention of undesirables so probably going to get into some fights if Iím lucky.

3:04 PM on 02.20.2012

Nearly a month ago, I was on call and my girlfriend came over for the weekend. So we were trying to figure out what we can do. She wondered what the new free Onlive box I had was all about so I demonstrated it to her (she is a gamer so she liked the idea of it). So I showed her all the games that I have access to in the Playpass bundle and she noticed a game she likes to see. It wasn't Red Faction: Guerilla. Not Lego Batman.

She liked the looks of Saw: The Game. Fucking Saw. She hits the A button on the controller and away we went to start playing that game. The start of the game has a quick time event. An event that isn't very well explained. The dude dies in a pretty instant way of getting his head crushed. I try and the same occurred. Finally I mashed the controller like an absolute bastard. That worked.

So we got playing. The game is not too bad if it was shorter and tried to vary it up a bit and removed combat because it's complete shit (be more like Amnesia damn it). But what was interesting is that people kept spectating whilst we played and were cheering and jeering depending how things went at times like surviving a trap room that has some one else on the line or punching said person after they survived. Like usually some one might watch for like a minute and get bored but some people were watching for like 20-30 minutes at a time and it was always someone different every time. It's a lot more often. It did make me think: Do people like watching people play shit games? Have you ever played a bad game and people just like to sit and watch you play? Is it just that people like to see someone else go through a crappy game.
My supporting evidence is that people never watch me play a game I have fun on like Darksiders, Just Cause 2 or Pro Evo.

I think my girlfriend proved this even further when she decided to play a dumb horse game as she likes horses but even she thought that game was shit. People liked to see her play that on my account. It probably doesn't help that it got me friends requests...