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1:18 PM on 11.06.2011

Why watching is best

I'm a little different from a lot of people in that I get a lot of enjoyment watching people play games. To be honest, I get more enjoyment from watching than I get from participating. I can totally veg out to a random "Let's Play" on youtube, just sitting back and enjoying what's going on.

I think that watching someone else play, either on youtube, in person, or streaming, is relaxing for a couple of reasons. For one, it's like watching a movie that unfolds according to whomever is playing it. Most movies are very predictable in their own ways, and you don't get surprised by a lot. When you're watching someone else play, they bring their own style to the playthrough. There are people who will check out everything, taking their time in each area. There are others who constantly pause and save, over and over again. There are people who rush through all the dialog and cutscenes to get to the action. In that sense, I think you can tell a lot about a person just by how they play games, which is always interesting to me.

I don't play a lot of FPS games (none, actually) but I love to watch others play them. There's always this sense of anticipation from watching others play their game. Watching is the only way I can enjoy an FPS game. I'm not coordinated enough or aware enough to do really well in a game like that anyway. Also, I think FPS games are pretty generic... but when you bring in the idea that every player has a different play style, it becomes interesting to watch. Different people use different strategies, and it's fun to be able to take a step back and analyze gameplay from a different perspective.

I think gaming by yourself can be a little lonely sometimes. When I watch someone else play I feel like I'm participating without actually doing so. I'm generally not the kind of person who likes playing with others online anyways, whether they be friends or strangers. I'm the type of person that plays against bots in TF2 rather than play against other, real people. Call me weird, but watching others play is more relaxing and exposes you to an entirely different perspective.

Anyways, if anyone knows of any good Let's Players or have their own stream, let me know!   read

11:15 AM on 11.06.2011


Lately I haven't been to excited in gaming as much as I used to be. With a lot of real life stuff going on, I just haven't had the time to get as deeply involved in gaming as I used to be. That, plus it seems that gaming is more expensive than I remember it (might also have to do that I buy my own things now, even though I still live at home!). To be honest, I have a difficult time justifying buying a game when I could buy a new pair of pants, or food. Yeah, sorry, food is kinda important, unfortunately.

I think everyone goes through times like those, but despite that I haven't lost interest in a few games that are going to be coming out recently. The biggest one that I'm most interested about is Skyrim. I actually went in and preordered the game the other day - something that I've never done before. Not only is the game expensive but I have no idea how the preordering process works. Do I just show up and they have the game behind the counter? Do I have to grab the game before bringing it up to the counter for purchase? Will there be lines (I hate lines)? If you know me irl, you know that I'm a pretty shy person. I get along with my friends but when I'm out in public I get all self-conscious about doing something wrong. Not like I've ever been laughed at or anything, and people are always really friendly, but it's still something I worry about.

Also, very few of my friends play video games, and if they do they have completely different tastes than I do. The only people I know who play video games are my guy friends, and they all like shooters - which I really don't like. Otherwise I'd drag someone along with me to the local Gamestop to keep me company.

So the fact that I'm willing to 1) pay for the game at full price and 2) go through this anxiety-rollercoaster-of-joy means a lot. At least I have all of Friday off to enjoy the game...

Also, completely new to this blogging thing.. thought it might be fun to try out, so if I'm doing something dumb feel free to let me know!   read

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