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sumdawg's blog

12:36 AM on 01.07.2009

My trouble with rpgs

It seems no matter how hard I try I cannot finish an rpg! I get into the stories and start to get attached to the characters and then out of nowhere I'm done with it! I'll try to pick up the controller and continue the que...   read

5:18 PM on 07.30.2008

Now and Then - Warrior of Rome 2 pt 1

On my way out the door to work this morning I realized I didn't have my pass. After searching the house it was nowhere to be found. In order to get a new one I had to call my supervisor...which is easier said then done. He's ...   read

9:12 PM on 06.18.2008

Beyond my sword

A friend and I have been playing alot of lan beyond the sword. It's pretty damn cool with all the units, features, etc. Thinking back on all the civs before this one I find that 2 is easily the best of the series. One of c...   read

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