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sumanigans avatar 1:32 PM on 10.11.2012  (server time)
Doing it Right: The PSN Store Overhaul of 2012

As far back as I can remember (since I bought my first PlayStation), the PSN Store has been the same: A tired blue background and a bunch of uniform tiles that are just big enough to tell what I was looking at. You'd get your featured games on the main screen, but they were basically just bigger tiles!

Boring, right? Not for long! By the time you read this, you've probably already heard about the overhaul Sony's planning to the store layout. It looks pretty cool! The sleek new design puts more of an emphasis on the featured items, giving them an entire dedicated background image, and a big chunk of the foreground. You can see the Assassin's Creed example below.

The UK gets it next week, and us North Americans get it a week later. Admittedly, I'm pretty excited about this; I'm writing a blog post after all! But I really hope Sony doesn't mess this up. "How could they mess this up?" I hear you all ask. Well with this overhaul, what it looks like Sony's going for is some kind of uniformity. If you've ever seen their other services like Music and Video Unlimited, you'd see some similarities. That's great, I'm all for a uniform design. It makes the products just a tad more tightly knit. But I did notice a glaring omission from the announcement: the Vita. According to all the screenshots, the store update only applies to the PS3 version of the PlayStation Store.

I remember hating the fact that the Vita didn't have PlayStation Plus support at or near launch. We're getting that next month, and I'm grateful for that, but it took a long time to get there. Sony's really pushing for their two current gen consoles to work together. You can tell with all the cross-buy and cross-insert-word-here options that they want the two gadgets to play nice together. There are even talks of bundling the two together for the holiday season!

This makes it even harder to understand why they haven't said anything about updating the look for the Vita version of the PSN Store. If they were rolling out an update for the Vita store at the same time they unveil PlayStation Plus for Vita next month, that would be totally fine and understandable. But then why no mention of it at all? Communicate, dang it!

In any case, I'm still excited to check out the new store when it's available in a couple of weeks. What do you guys think? Does the Vita deserve an update? Do you like the new design? Let me know!

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