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stummies1121 avatar 8:13 PM on 09.20.2007  (server time)
Getting to Know You, Part 1: Who's Your Favorite Superhero?

So here's the deal: I'm new to Destructoid (where Florian/John and Eliza go, I will follow) and wanted to say hi. I love how so much emphasis is placed on the community here, unlike at other gaming websites, and I want in on that action.

Since all that's out of the way, I've decided to do some "getting to know" you posts. This is a "part 1," implying that there will be a "part 2" and so on, unless this turns into an unprecedented catastrophe.

My first post is the very cliche, "Who's your favorite superhero?" question, inspired by this Perry Bible Fellowship comic.

If the Caffeinator was an actual superhero, he'd definitely be my favorite. Anyone who can make a good cup of joe is okay by me. But since he's not, I'll have to go with Iron Fist. He's got crazy martial arts skills, some badass chi, and the fact that he's not often favorited gives him enough sympathy points in my book to push him to the top.

So, tell me... who's your favorite?

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