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Live-Action Pokemon Video

Check out this live-action Pokemon skit, if you'd be ever so kind... and don't tell me that you haven't tried that with your cat. I'd rate this as "funny, but not of the haha variety."


Playing with your food was never so much fun!

I found this at Geekstir.com, and because it was pretty cool I thought I'd share. I've always been one to play with my food, but this gives me some new inspiration. Also found at Geekstir, totally unrelated but still cool: That's right. The NES Paul. Oh how I love the internets.


The Junk Showcase

Sometimes staring at our televisions for countless hours during the week is not enough to sate our video game fixes. Many gamers also feel the need to infuse our lives with useless, game-themed junk. Whether the purpose of ...


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My personality is too tired to create a profile that you feel like reading. Maybe if I hadn't spent all last week cudgeling it into submission and hurling it down the stairs while throwing trash cans at it, it'd be feeling more agreeable. Oh well, hindsight and all that.

Me tired ----> (took out pic for paranoia purposes of losing my job)

What I'm Playing Lately: Persona 3, Loz: Phantom Hourglass, Space Channel 5 (Special Edition), DK Jungle Climber
What I'm Reading Lately: World War Z by Max Brooks
What I'm Listening to Lately: Oh no! Oh my! (song reqs- I Am Not a Monster and Widow City by the Fiery Furnaces

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