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My personality is too tired to create a profile that you feel like reading. Maybe if I hadn't spent all last week cudgeling it into submission and hurling it down the stairs while throwing trash cans at it, it'd be feeling more agreeable. Oh well, hindsight and all that.

Me tired ----> (took out pic for paranoia purposes of losing my job)

What I'm Playing Lately: Persona 3, Loz: Phantom Hourglass, Space Channel 5 (Special Edition), DK Jungle Climber
What I'm Reading Lately: World War Z by Max Brooks
What I'm Listening to Lately: Oh no! Oh my! (song reqs- I Am Not a Monster and Widow City by the Fiery Furnaces

Check out this live-action Pokemon skit, if you'd be ever so kind... and don't tell me that you haven't tried that with your cat.

I'd rate this as "funny, but not of the haha variety."

File this one under "not actually related to video games at all, but it has to do with robots and I don't want to be on their bad side before the approaching robot war by not posting this." Anyway, I came across this little gem in my travels and thought it would be something that my fellow Dtoiders, robot lovers that we are, would enjoy. Especially the ones that love to cook.

Basically, it's an apron with a picture of a robot on it that says "Crush the Cook." Like so:

After further investigating (i.e. a google image search) I found a picture of somebody wearing one.

Needless to say, I'm pretty much in love with this apron right now. If you're as enamored with it as I am, you can order one here. If not, move along, nothing to see here, sorry for wasting a minute of your life with awesomeness.

Feeling small lately? Hoping to grow? Worried that this is a post about male-organ enlargement?

Well, put your fears to rest and check out this awesome mushroom that looks eerily like those yummy mushrooms from those oh-so-lovable Mario games.

Now, if only they had one in green... I could sure use some extra lives.

***Note: According to a commenter on the blog from which I found this, these mushrooms can cause hallucinations and death. So er, I guess I don't actually recommend eating them. Unless you want to invoke your "berserker rage," which actually sounds kind of fun.

I found this at, and because it was pretty cool I thought I'd share.

I've always been one to play with my food, but this gives me some new inspiration.

Also found at Geekstir, totally unrelated but still cool:

That's right. The NES Paul.

Oh how I love the internets.

5:12 AM on 09.25.2007

Sometimes staring at our televisions for countless hours during the week is not enough to sate our video game fixes. Many gamers also feel the need to infuse our lives with useless, game-themed junk. Whether the purpose of collecting said junk is to sprinkle a little bit of nerdcore into the homestead or to provide us with the means to boast our gamer identities, the fact remains that we are often tempted to waste our money on these delightful crafts.

I decided to list a few of my favorite game-related pieces from the site I picked Etsy because the things there are rare and often one-of-a-kind, which makes them all the more desirable (...and expensive). Feel free to drool at these, add your own favorites from the crevices of the interweb, or tell me that my list sucks and I have horrible taste. Also, all of the stuff below was still available at the time I posted this, so I apologize in advance to all you impulse buyers :P

And now, in no particular order....

1. LoZ Stained-Glass Mosaic

I don't have $250 to burn, but you can bet that if I did, this baby would be up on my wall in a second.

2. Punch-Out Shoes

Okay, so these are fugly and definitely not worth $45. I wanted to include them in this post, though, because there are just not enough video game shoes in the world. At least the maker's heart was in the right place.

3. Crochet Hat

I want this hat. I want this hat badly. I definitely can't justify spending $40 on amy hat, though, let alone one that will probably itch like a bastard. The scarf is for sale too, but I'm not a fan. If anything, I'd prefer this (cough$150$cough) scarf.

4. Ouendan Shirt

An Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan shirt. Enough said.

5. Secret of Mana Magnets

Perler bead magnets are no scarcity on Etsy, but these get special props because they're from one of the best games to ever grace the SNES, Secret of Mana. It's not often that you see Secret of Mana merch, so it deserves special attention.

6. Nintendo Controller Earrings

Okay, so these would just look tacky on an actual person... but that doesn't change the fact that they're kind of cute :). Did I mention that I'm a nostalgia whore?

7. Dr. Mario Buttons

I was never the type of person to adorn my bag with buttons, but if I was, it would have been in these. I mean, just look at the cute, wittle yellow virus! Awwww!

Well that's it. Thanks to those of you who got this far :). I hope your eyes stop bleeding soon.

So here's the deal: I'm new to Destructoid (where Florian/John and Eliza go, I will follow) and wanted to say hi. I love how so much emphasis is placed on the community here, unlike at other gaming websites, and I want in on that action.

Since all that's out of the way, I've decided to do some "getting to know" you posts. This is a "part 1," implying that there will be a "part 2" and so on, unless this turns into an unprecedented catastrophe.

My first post is the very cliche, "Who's your favorite superhero?" question, inspired by this Perry Bible Fellowship comic.

If the Caffeinator was an actual superhero, he'd definitely be my favorite. Anyone who can make a good cup of joe is okay by me. But since he's not, I'll have to go with Iron Fist. He's got crazy martial arts skills, some badass chi, and the fact that he's not often favorited gives him enough sympathy points in my book to push him to the top.

So, tell me... who's your favorite?