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1:36 AM on 02.11.2010

One Dynamic of Poor Gaming: Old v. New

First, this:


What a gallant motherfucker! He uses his iPhone to refresh his memory of Shakespeare. Picard doesn't play video games because he's afraid he'd become one of us. Maybe that's why I don't act?

But onto my post,

As an all-too-stereotypical college student, I have very little disposable income. I eat skimpy meals, wear dirty clothes, and even walk to try and save money on a daily basis. To scrounge up moolah for a new game is a rare occurrence; Mass Effect 2 was my major expense for this month.

But with a handful of interesting (if not good) games being released every month, costing $60 a pop, what's a modern gamer to do?

I first realized the intricacies of my predicament when I bought, played, and got bored with Modern Warfare 2. I sold it to Gamestop the other day to help pay for upcoming new games I'm looking to buy. I received $24. This was exactly the price I expected, but it got me thinking: Did I get $35 worth out of this game in just three months? Should I have played it more and sold it later, or even not at all, just to pay more for new titles? What's the value of it to my collection?

Which led me to the most bothersome question: Should I even be buying new games?

I know there's dozens of really good, some even incredible games that I haven't played and are relatively cheap. If this is accurate I can get Okami, Shadow of the Colossus, and Resident Evil 4 all for about the same price as FFXIII.

That's my choice?! Should I buy lots of old titles or a single new one? Do I want gamer cred or hot and flashy? Shall I feel bad when people refer to great games I never played or when the newest games draw all the media attention?

This would be the part of the blog where I have a revelatory remark that makes the decision very easy. Guess what. I got nothing.

Instead, I put forth: What do you when the coffers run dry?

P.S. Sorry for not having played Shadow of the Colossus...   read

11:44 PM on 02.03.2010

Hello, Dtoid.

Hey, Destructoid. Long time listener, first time caller.

I almost posted everything in my "about me" sidebar into a blog until I realized it was boring. Read it if you suffer from insomnia.

I (generally, with few exceptions) love all music, movies, television, art, graphic novels, literature, and video games. Because of this expansive love, I don't like using Top ____ lists (which I've found to be a staple of, well, everything). Is it because quantifying enjoyment is really hard, or maybe because info-overload has subconsciously made humans hungry not for prose, but bullet points? I will say my favorite band has to be The Flaming Lips. But even that is up to discussion. I can also say my most recent favs are Funny People (movie), The Mighty Boosh (TV), and Pax Romana (Graphic Novel).

I've recently been playing Mass Effect 2 (surprise), Castle Crashers, FIFA 10, and Beatles: Rock Band. Over the past few months I've fallen in love with Anthony Burch's "Rev Rant"s. I've made the "video games are art" argument dozens of times to friends, family, and one stranger, and to see quality video game criticism only further legitimizes my argument. He's also got me thinking a lot more about the current state and future of video games, and my thoughts will surely be posted here soon.

So this is my blog. Thank you, Dtoid community, for being awesome.   read

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