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stoo1985 avatar 11:55 AM on 09.02.2008  (server time)
Nintendo DS Reccomendations

[color=darkblue]Hey People, I picked up a Nintendo DS last month and I've bought loads of games to keep me busy. Currently playing Professor Layton and I'm loving it! The puzzles are wrecking my mind, but to solve it comes great joy!

I also got Final Fantasy III, it too looks fun, but I could only focus on one game at a time when it comes the DS.

What games do you suggest I look out in the future?

Other games I've bought/ordered;

Castlevania - Dawn of Sorrow & Portrait of Ruin
Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney & Justice For All
Hotel Dusk Room 215
Pokemon Diamond
Phantom Hour Glass
Mario & Sonic at Olypmics
Final Fantasy CC: Ring of Fates
Final Fantasy T A2: Grimoire of the Rift
Final Fantasy IV
The World Ends with You[/color]

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