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10:56 AM on 05.11.2010

Review: Jim Sterling's Fishing Game

Disclaimer: Before you read this article, it's a joke. I have major bro-respect (can't say love when talking about another man, I'm British) for Jim Sterling and this is my 'respect' letter to him. I don't think people get th...   read

10:08 AM on 04.29.2010

Old Console Controllers on the Wii - A How & Where To

Hey everyone, I'm a bit of a retro nut, and love the fact that the Wii can play a lot of older titles from other machines. But the thing that's always nagged my brain a little is that I'm not playing with the original pads....   read

6:45 AM on 04.29.2010

My OCD and my struggle with gaming (though I love it)

Hello fellow Dtoiders :) This post is to get something out of my brain and onto your computer box screens. I'm interested to read other people's opinions on it to see if I'm alone in my way of thinking or if I'm part of a l...   read

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