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stewie32887's blog

5:59 PM on 12.26.2009

Dumbest Demon's Soul Death EVER!

I, like most everyone else who plays it, die a lot in Demon's Soul. Sometimes I die in stupid ways, as do many others. I actually enjoy activating blood stains just to watch some hapless fool hop off a cliff over and over aga...   read

9:14 PM on 12.25.2009

Top 10 Games of my Life, Part 5: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

I love Star Wars. I wouldn't call myself a fanboy but I nonetheless grew up watching and re-watching the films to the point that when given a minor bit of the score I can identify the scene it originated from. I know, that's ...   read

10:23 PM on 12.24.2009

Late Night Grinding

I know, I know. The title for this could very well be sexual innuendo, but despite the possible connotations I'm unfortunately referring to RPGs. The past few weeks have been kind to my PSP. Resident 2 and 3 have both been f...   read

8:15 PM on 12.03.2009


I just read on N4G that Resident Evil 3: Nemesis will be hitting the PSN this week. While I'm certainly giddy about the prospect of more classic zombie killing a part of me isn't nearly as excited about it as I was for Reside...   read

4:24 PM on 11.27.2009

Sony Owes Me One

Recently, a friend of mine began considering buying a console. While I have no idealistic preference toward either the Xbox 360 or PS3, I do use a PS3 as my primary gaming system, but if someone were to drop a 360 in my lap I...   read

5:57 PM on 11.24.2009

Personal updates (D.A. Origins, Resi. Evil 2, and Top 10s)

So, life goes well for this Vermonter. Gaming wise they rarely get better. The last few weeks have been incredible. I've been playing Dragon Age almost every night with my wife watching eagerly. She won't fess up to it but sh...   read

8:11 PM on 11.19.2009

Damn You Tekken 6!

I am not a fan of fighting games. In fact the only fond memory I can even recall connected to something in the fighting genre is that big jugged chick from Killer Instinct who kills people by flashing her hoonanners. So the...   read

1:15 PM on 11.15.2009

The Power of the Beard

My wife and I were hanging out together recently. I was up to my usual, playing some video games, while she was surfing the web. All of the sudden she laughed and said, "I'm so glad you grew a beard!" I glanced up from Demo...   read

8:51 AM on 11.09.2009

No Willpower and Loving Dragon Age

I confess it. I have absolutely no ability to restrain myself when it comes to video games. You might recall a few posts back how I was sad that my time constraints had left me in a position where I didn't think I was going t...   read

8:44 AM on 11.04.2009


Howdy folk, It's been a few days since I've posted and unfortunately it might be a few more before I can put up anything on the substatnial side. I do however have another one of my Top 10 Games of My Life in the works. I ha...   read

7:24 AM on 11.01.2009

Halloween Disappointments...Where is my Resident Evil 2?

Well Halloween has come and gone and now we all have the pleasure of suffering through another two months of the Christmas season. Ugh. I wouldn't mind it so much if Christmas wasn't so played up and quality holidays like Hal...   read

8:59 AM on 10.29.2009

Passing Up On Good Games...

I've been interested in Dragon Age: Origins for a while now. I love the fantasy genre and generally speaking any game that looks to pull off a good take on it is on my radar from the get go. That said, as its PS3 release lo...   read

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