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I am an aspiring games journalist based in Vermont where I live with my wife. I have written for RPGamer, GamePositive, Strategy Informer, Ve3tro, ECG Games and The Game Reviews. I currently write for the The Next Level as a staff writer and freelance for GamesRadar and UGO.
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So things are going pretty well right now on my gaming front.

As my wife has been devouring mass quantities of Dragon Age, my PS3 has been a bit unavailable in recent weeks. That said, this has allowed me some more time to play my handhelds, or more namely, my PSP. There haven't been many PSP releases of interest to me in a while. That said, I'm loving the thing simply because of its usefulness as a retro gaming machine. The expanding library of PS1 classics available via the PSN has given me an opportunity to visit many of the games I missed out during my days of dogmatic N64 fanboyism. Most notably, I've finally been blessed with the opportunity to play Wing Commander IV. I'll admit I was a bit nervous about buying it. The PS1 version is well noted as being inferior, and the moreover even with some between myself and its initial release date, I couldn't find much info on how well it controlled on the PSP. I love the thing, but damn would some more buttons (and a joystick of course) come in handy. That said, I took a chance and have been playing it just fine. The game's Advanced 2 control setting seemed the best fit to me, and though it can still be a bit awkward from time to time, overall I love the game.

Some other awesome portable news. I was recently confirmed to be doing UGO's review of SMT: Strange Journey and just received word from Atlus today that I will be getting a debug in the mail probably some time next week. I don't this to seem like bragging (well, maybe a little bit), but I'm really stoked to be doing this game. Nothing like a good, dark sci-fi JRPG to preoccupy a few months.

Hmm, what else...well...I just saw Avatar with my wife, it was great and I highly recommend it to anyone with a hankering for a good flick. Beyond that not too much going on! I really want to buy Castlevania: Adventure Rebirth, but have thus far remained strong in my will to resist the urge to spend money.


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