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stewie32887 avatar 6:45 AM on 03.10.2010  (server time)
East Coast Blues

I am often tempted to start my own gaming publication.

I think I'd keep it feature focused, with a strong opinion section and maybe only a smattering of reviews when big or interesting stuff comes along. I'd look for writers with the sort of integrity that aspire to, and of course, I'd base it on the East Coast.

This is just a pipe dream of course. I know very well that I have neither the necessary skills or patience to launch and maintain a successful, profitable venture like that and for the most part I am content with being the guy that works for the skilled, patient people. That said, it does sincerely suck that virtually no major gaming publications are based on the East Coast.

Writing about video games is something I love, but generally speaking it is a career path in which I know that I can only go so far because most every big publication is based out in California. This isn't so much an issue when it comes to freelance work; distance hasn't kept me from writing on article by article basis for GamesRadar, IGN and UGO, but it makes it all but impossible for me to ever really contemplate finding that dream staff position where I go to work each day surrounded by gamers and nerds. Point in case, GameSpot has Guide Editor position open I'd just love to apply for.

Why not just move? I am young after all, and if I really want something I should pursue it, yes?

Well, as idealistic as I'd like to be, life, or namely the recession has kind of squeezed all of that out of me. To move you need money and I have none. Moreover, I already have the constant nagging of student loans bills, car bills, hell, just life bills to pay and as much as I'd like to chase a pipe dream across the great American landscape, it's just not something I can do without bankrupting my wife and I, potentially all for nothing.

And beyond that, there is just the simple fact that I would hate the West Coast. I live in Vermont, was born in Canada and generally am more comfortable with a bit of a chill in the air. How do you think I would fair in LA or San Fransisco? Heat aside, I hate hippies and if South Park is any indicator, I'd be waist deep in trendy, hemp-wearing folk who look down on my Saturn Vue and smell their own farts. Beyond those reasons I have family and friends here, and I generally don't make friends easily.

It's not that I don't understand the reasoning behind the location of most publications. The gaming industry generally has a lot of predisposition toward that area, and I imagine it's rather convenient to just be there considering that E3 happens there every year. That said, for all us poor shmoes out here in New England, a few more opportunities would be nice. We have kick ass maple syrup in Vermont, if anyone's interested!

Anyone? No? Fine, I'll just have to wait until Game Informer has an opening, Minnessota isn't that far away at least.

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