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Perhaps I'm just weird but I just really don't get it. Day after day I read people's comments, which often enough amount to verbal orgasms over the supposed hotness of this video game character and I just don't see it.

Perhaps its her body type. Many have noted that she is designed to be realistically proportioned after super models and I rarely find super models attractive. My wife enjoys (okay maybe I watch it too) America's Next Top Model each week and I just don't see what is so gorgeous about these twig women who look like I could snap them in two. I am not a weakling, but I'm also not Conan the Barbarian so I should never be able to see a woman and think how easy it would be to do that.

Perhaps its her character type. I'm generally not attracted to female characters that are explicitly designed to be the wet dream of teenage boys. I just finished two weeks of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 literally devouring my life (read my post on guide writing) and I found the female characters in that to be more ridiculous looking then attractive. Bayonetta, though obviously proportioned differently just strikes me as another shade of whore. Her whole character is designed around turning you and that strucks me as a turn off. A woman shouldn't have to try to turn you on, she just should naturally.

For instance, I've been loving Uncharted 2 lately and I find Elena's character design to be very attractive. She's designed to be a real character, which is a lot sexier in my mind then a character's whose sole purpose is to give you a boner. Some may argue that Bayonetta is just meant to be an over the top game of tits, ass and killing stuff. Good for you if you like that, but I just don't see the

Honestly though, the thing about her that puts me off the most is her glasses. People have commented on her resembling Sarah Palin and yes, while there is that element, I just find her glasses to be particularly off putting. They look unnatural as if they shouldn't be there whereas I imagine the developers were hoping for more of "Hey, a girl with glasses" response. I do like a girl with glasses. My wife wore some for me once and well, let's just say that was fun, but honestly Bayonetta to me looks more like that woman in all those old movies who is supposed to be ugly, so they make her wear glasses.
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