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11:36 AM on 05.29.2009

Microsoft & Sky deal for Xbox Live Content (UK)

This deal will see existing sky customers the chance to have another way of viewing content on their television, and judging from the picture it seems quite interactive, I'd like to think that this means if a friend has access too you can join a party and watch a game together for example.

Launched later this year, hit the link for a few more details.   read

1:18 PM on 05.28.2009

Get in 'Touch' with guitar hero

See what i did there.
My use of the English language knows no bounds, i am the wordsmith of my generation. Anyway, moving on...

Stan Bush - The Touch, the song most have wanted on a music game since the start is now available, for free on guitar hero.

why are you still reading this, go download it. and no it isn't the recently surfaced shite version, it's actually the ultimately awesome pant wetting version from your childhood.

video included for bonus nostalgia.
[embed]133777:19620[/embed]   read

12:55 PM on 03.27.2009

Dirt 2 teaser trailer has womens, tattoos and pork products.

Vikki Blows could sell me a cock shaped shit covered lolly. I'd take it, no questions asked.

Anyway as you will see in this video from kotaku, she's shaking her wabs and holding some bacon for some racing game sequel that is coming out in september, i dont know really, i kinda lost interest after she went off the screen.

Note to game developers: Make me more interested in your games, advertise or include Vikki Blows in it.


On the topic of Dirt 2, i don;t think i've played an off road racer since the first Colin McCrae game on the PS2, so i may give it a go, we'll see nearer the time i guess.   read

5:13 AM on 02.19.2009

England gets DSi earlier and for more money.

All of the usual sites (game, gamestation amazon etc..) seem to have the DSi up for pre-order now, available April 3rd for 149.99, clearly we're being ripped off.

For those who don't realise how much 149.99 is in dollars it's $215.84, now when you consider that America gets the DSi for $169.99 which is 118.16 we're clearly paying the price for living on an island which refuses to co-operate with the rest of europe. Yet for some reason we get a bumped release date. I suppose it's an extra two days of idiots paying over the odds for it.

Personally I couln't care less about this, i enjoy playing the DS I have and see no need to update to this. i have a phone which can do all the extra new features the DSi offers, and the fact that you can download games means nothing unless i can put my virtual console games which i've already bought on my wii onto here for free, other than that i dislike the wii shop channel and how it works so the less i deal with it the better.

The only thing that does appeal to me is the fact that both screens are now touch screens, which i honestly didnt pick up on until i saw the above picture from GAME UK.

Anyone else going for it?   read

1:16 AM on 02.13.2009

The Street Fighter movie just got a little stranger...

...well the promotion for it did anyway. via Kotaku, I came across the following:

This is just odd. a man. dressed like chun-li. and Miss Kreuk knees him in the balls. Well it sells it to me, i'll watch the movie on the day it comes out. Now if only Dragonball did something like this, then it may spark some enthusiasm from me.

Hit the link to see the other pics as Kotaku embed their galleries and dont let me take their photos for hilarious desktop use. the bastards.   read

2:10 PM on 01.26.2009

THQ are still in trouble

...and i am less than surprised.

I found the below article, which you can see here on Game Uk's site.

"A failure of certain titles from the THQ range to meet their sales expectations could lead to the publisher failing to break even for the second half of its financial year, it has been stated. Analysts Cowen and Company has made the prediction of faltering sales in titles including WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 and Saints Row 2. Doug Creutz of the analysts stated that US sales of the wrestling title were particularly damaging because older titles of the franchise have sold well in the past.He said: "The WWE decline is particularly concerning since that franchise had been one of THQ's last bastions of strength". Mr Creutz added that it had been expected that Saints Row 2 would surpass one million sales in the US following its dual-platform release, but the figure is likely to be nearer 900,000. WWE fans may also be interested to know that the Royal Rumble is fast approaching on January 25th, with the winner headlining the main event at Wrestlemania"

To be honest if THQ actually made some good games i'd buy more and i'm sure this goes the same with everyone else. I usually buy the WWE titles but to be honest the last few were disappointing even for a fan. The roster for one was at least 6 months out of date, compare this with other sports games which are released after the start of a new season, for example fifa09 is up to date with what has happened in the real world just weeks before its release. So it can;t be too difficult to keep up. Also the fact the THQ don't even promote titles they have which are actually awesome. I've been enjoying Lock's Quest for example which i heard about by word of mouth, i didnt even know it had been released.

I work for a company who distribute all of THQ's products and the amount of crap that comes through here is ridiculous. To be honest we also do disney games and that's way worse. But still I see numourous amounts of new titles come through and I think, how are they going to sell all of them?

We've recently got in the Dawn of War II titles and i have a friend playing the beta who is enjoying it very much, butas good as this game may be for someone who enjoys this genre of game I really can't see it being something to get THQ back on the ladder. Also Deadly Creatures is gettin gmy attention as a game worth playing on the Wii.

If they don't mess up Red Faction 3 in some way i will be very very shocked as it's the only upcoming THQ game i'm really looking forward to. They did such a good job with the previous in the series and i loved it clearly.

Without a big multi-platform game to bolster it's sales and rake in the cash will THQ survive or will it be forced to sell off and close more studios. Will we see more of the gaming industry owned by EA?   read

11:36 AM on 11.24.2008

Anybody Identify what this content may actually be?

This weekend is Microsoft's Xtival '08 see here.

Anyway my question above relates to the last sentance of the below part of the page:

"Weve also grabbed some great content from 2009s must-see movie Watchmen"
This is of great interest to me and I wish to know what it is, if you go into the pages from the arrow there's no other mention of it anywhere so I was wondering if anybody has a clue?

Premium theme!?! i can dream.

if it's just the trailer i'll be annoyed.   read

11:10 AM on 11.21.2008

NXE Premium Theme Previews Here

all found on this forum thread.

Guitar Hero

Gears 2 - Destroyed Beauty

Castle Crashers


Halo Wars

Fable II

Ninja Blade

The Last Remnant

Viva Pinata


Rock Band 2

all pictures here, as I said before, are stolen from this forum thread.
There are more poorer quality pictures of other themes here, hopefully better quality versions of others will appear. keep an eye on it.   read

10:29 AM on 11.05.2008

Heidi Klum Guitar Hero Ad Relevent to My Interests.

Better than the other Risky Business style one.....fact!


This is apparently the "directors cut", so there's an even more softcore one for you all to see somewhere.   read

9:41 AM on 10.20.2008

Game UK really lag behind with their game news, plus THQ.

I got the letter through the post today, some excerpts follow;

" Microsoft tells us that the premium box, the printed fate cards and the Hobbe figure are no longer available, which is frustrating for all of us."


"With Microsoft's support we've also taken 5 off the price of your limited edition Fable II pack, so now its only 44.99."

also they tell me my free download soundtrack is at and click on the Fable II picture on the right hand side of the page.

Information needs to travel faster than Royal Mail nowadays i'm afraid, plus i've just realised I never got pub-games for free, bastards.

Anyway, on to other news.

I got a job a few weeks ago working for a company which distributes dvd's and games, of interest this includes THQ and blockbuster, so now I get to see all the neat shit that comes with them. Ok, THQ don't exactly make great games but at least blockbuster ships everything else.

If I see anything cool come through my grubby mitts i'll be sure to let people know. For example I do know that copies of the new WWE game will come in some places with an inflatable chair, t-shirts or a free Shawn Michaels DVD, so just look out for them.

hopefully I'll see something cooler soon.   read

7:30 AM on 10.18.2008

Thanks Everyone, you named the Gecko...

Thank you to everyone who came up with suggestions I liked quite a few of them but Tristero's suggestion won through. You don't get anything per say, except my love and many fictional moneys.

Professor Grimlock is the official name but we'll stick with just Grimlock for now.

Thanks again.   read

1:53 AM on 10.17.2008

Name My Pet!

This is simple, i'm getting a gecko in the morning, and you lucky pretty people get the chance to name it as i can't come up with anything I like.

Don't let me down here, i'm giving you the chance to have an impact on my life

... and for free, that can't be bad.

On another note, the Gex games were awesome, if there is a cooler person to voice a secret agent gecko than Danny John Jules then I don't really wanna know. Although I think that was only in the euro version, sorry America you missed out. Also I just read on Wikipedia that the woman in the catsuit in the 3rd game was in baywatch and has done playboy.....huh.

* goes to google*   read

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