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stemot avatar 7:11 PM on 09.06.2008  (server time)
Spore Multiple Accounts, Yes....No says EA

Hi There Destructoid, I have come across something I think your readers should be aware of.

I recently bought Spore, for both me and my wife, as both of us have Spore accounts and installed on both our machines. After setup, I logged in fine to the on-line features, then I tried it on my wife's machine.
We were greeted by a message that told us she was not able to have on-line privileges.
I contacted EA Support thinking the reason was due to the server troubles they have been having and got this reply:-

"Hello Ste,

Thank you for contacting us here at Electronic Arts Technical Support. I understand that your wife wishes to use a different account for SPOREā„¢.

Unfortunately, code registration is restricted to 1 legitimate entitlement creation per code only. We apologise for any disappointment or inconvenience that this causes you.

Should you require further assistance about this or any Electronic Arts games in the future, please visit our website and review our extensive Self Help knowledgebase (


EA Support Centre, UK and Ireland"

Now this wound me up as it was, the fact they had changed this from the Creature Creator which allows multiple accounts.
I then saw this on page 62 of the EU standard retail manual:-

"You may have multiple Spore accounts for each installation of the game"

Which according to EA support is a bare faced lie. I just thought others should be aware of what EA is pulling here, and this won't be the last they hear from me on the matter either.


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