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steescribbles avatar 8:36 AM on 08.14.2013  (server time)
The Destruction of Classic Franchises

Speaking as a huge fan of Japanese game franchises, such as Breath of Fire, Final Fantasy etc, it's really saddening to see what has been done to game series such as these, with the introduction of the newest genres known as:




Let me start off with a prime example of the second variation:


I was gullible enough to fall for this game. All you do in it is tap the right hand of the screen over and over again, until the enemy is dead. There is no strategy to it, it's not fun, and it certainly isn't like any Final Fantasy game I've played. On top of paying for the actual game, you pay for EVERYTHING IN-GAME using sneaky micro-transactions. Music, characters, levels, even extra lives. It's a scam, a huge diseased cash-cow that wants nothing but your money. Whats more, it sends you notifications to keep you playing, until you uninstall it from your device. ATB is nothing more than a middle finger to every Final Fantasy veteran, fan and Square Enix should feel bad.

But no, their decimation of their beloved franchises doesn't stop there.

Enter Star Ocean, a fast paced action RPG series with some impressive game mechanics, storytelling and likable characters. Till the End of Time still remains my favorite in the series.

Last month, it was announced that a new Star Ocean game was going to be released, and I got so hyped for it. Little did I know this was going to be another "f**k you" to fans. The end result was Star Ocean: Material Trader. An ONLINE-SOCIAL-CARD BASED-SMARTPHONE-RPG. Little is known about it, except that its a Social card based game, but I'm going to assume that there will be micro-transactions, judging by Square Enix's fondness for them. 

Other games in this horrible genre include the upcoming Ominusha Soul, a free to play card based micro-transaction fueled strategy thing, that includes crossovers with other Capcom series, which on paper, doesn't sound too terrible if it wasn't for the micro-transactions and free-to-play model.

Most shocking of all, I heard that a new Breath of Fire game was to be released; BREATH OF FIRE 6!!

Again, I was completely hyped for it, until I learnt about what it was. IT WAS GOING TO BE ANOTHER ONLINE SOCIAL ABOMINATION FOR SMARTPHONES and PC. 

Way to kill off the series, Capcom. The series was better off ending at Dragon Quarter (highly recommended), but nope, you just had to stick that middle finger into that sour online only pie that tastes like mediocrity and the shattered remains of the fanbases you once owned.

What's next, game developers? A Wild ARMs dating sim?

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