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stee87's blog

2:45 PM on 12.24.2010

The Dob Christmas Edition

On one of my previous blogs entitled Video Gaming at Christmas which can be found here and in the blog I covered receiving the tea-bagging mons...   read

1:31 PM on 12.12.2010

Spike TV Video Game Awards 2010

Holy Christmas on the horizon Batman, I canít believe it has been a week since I last did a blog but I do apologize I have been somewhat busy getting my fifth platinum on inFamous and playing Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions...   read

1:37 PM on 12.05.2010

X-Men Origins Wolverine

Before reading, please note if you haven't played the game this will contain spoilers, so look away now or just read it anyway to be polite. ďIím the best there is at what I do, and what I do isnít very niceĒ the immortal...   read

2:16 PM on 12.01.2010

WWF Attitude

Professional wrestling video games have been an addition on consoles and the PC since the 1988 release of WWF Wrestlemania on the Nintendo which consisted of six wrestlers: Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, ďMacho ManĒ Randy S...   read

10:25 AM on 11.28.2010

Video gaming at Christmas.

First off, I apologise for the delay for this edition of The Dob, I was orginally going to do a blog yesterday but I seem to of been distracted by getting the last three blast shards on inFamous while i attempt to gain my f...   read

12:15 PM on 11.25.2010

What got you into Video Games?

I know all blogs on Destructoid are interactive what with the ability to comment on the blogs and share your thoughts and opinions etc, so on this edition of The Dob iím going to use that ability to itís full potential by m...   read

9:50 AM on 11.23.2010

Bad Sonic games.

In my last blog entitled "The 8-Bit and 16-Bit Era" i almost went on a rant in regards to the awful Sonic 3D Blast, well on my second installment of The Dob as the title entails, i will be talking about the horrible, turd l...   read

10:27 AM on 11.22.2010

The 8-bit and 16-bit era

Long before the term "Next Generation of gaming" became popular, long before children were playing Call of Duty and insulting players over the head set and long before High Definition televisions became a necessity for thos...   read

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