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statesman1114's blog

7:07 PM on 09.19.2009

Review without Reviewing

Duke Nukem Forever is the ultimate failed expectation. 12 years spent in development, numerous revamps, trickling info keeping us maybe not glued, but taped to our seats, and an awesome trailer. Not only that, but the last build that was seen looked like it could be the most epic game of all time. Screenshots, teasers, and a promise for the end of 2009. Then the rumors. "Duke Nukem was canceled!" "The studio is laying off!" They were proven true. We will never, ever know how good it would have been.
What went wrong? Well first off, this company hadn't sold a product in 12 years. They were so obsessive, they forgot they were a business. Not only that, but people were losing faith. Any investors were sick of the wait. The last flurry of excitement was an attempt to save the company, and it failed.
Unless some enterprising hackers get their hands on the game, we never will. Duke didn't just run out of gum, he ran out of time.   read

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