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6:40 AM on 01.03.2010

Why I think that gaming will be brilliant 2010

The other day, I was talking to a friend about games we got for Christmas when the question came up, "What games do you think you're going to get next year then?". After a few hours of us both naming more and more upcoming releases for 2010, it dawned upon us both that we were going to really enjoy the next year of gaming. We then split games up into the genres we loved in gaming. We start with...

First Person Shooters (FPS)

With Battlefield: Bad Company 2 screenshots looking great and Aliens vs. Predator shaping up to be brilliant game and BioShock 2 have it's own special twist of differance, FPS' have a lot of work to measure up to the standard that is MW2 in 2010.

While they might not be the most original of games avaliable out on the market, FPS' are easily the most popular games, evidenced ofcourse by the record selling figures of MW2. This is why they all need their own individual selling point. Aliens vs. Predator has two of cinema's most famous creatures in battle with each other, with humanity in the middle trying desperately to survive the nightmare. BioShock 2 has it's unique underwater-utopia-gone-hellish setting. Battlefield: BC2 has the selling point of it is giving gamers "more than MW2" with many different weapons, vechicles, and dedicated servers. My friend has dubbed this game "What MW2 should have been like but for some reason is better".

Another favourite of my friend's gaming in 2010 was Halo: Reach, which after about five minutes of arguing we came to the conclusion that this would be a good game for fans of the Halo series and could be a game that introduces the new generation of gamers to the series. Though I will stay far away from this game as possible as I cannot stand Halo.

My personal favourite is set to be Brink. With many different classes and online mission objectives than just kill the enemy team or capture the objective, Brink has the unique feature of the SMART button (or as most people are dubbing it, the Mirror's Edge button) that allows players to speed across the map over and under opposing obsticles.


With Final Fantasy XIII arriving in Spring for us Western gamers who don't want to import a copy from Japan, Fable 3 apparantly arriving in the later part of the year and the return of the Golden Sun series on the DS, 2010 looks set to also be good year for the RPGs.

My favourite looking RPGs arrving in 2010 looks set to be Mass Effect 2 and KH: Birth by Sleep, and although I haven't had a chance to buy the original yet, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this fine looking game. KH also sets up to be a brilliant game for fans of the series.

Other games

We only really could think of RPGs and FPS' that we were looking forward to so we put other games in to a list with a reason why we thought they would be good or why they would stand out.

Heavy Rain: We have both been following Heavy Rain for a while now for the fact that it looks very different to other games. A grim story, many different ways to play and experience that sounds like it might be heavily supported after it's release
No More Heroes 2: The improved combat and apparantely better open world enviroments look set to improve on an already brilliant game.
Dante's Inferno: Though I was a bit nervous at first about this being another hack and slash game, I was proved wrong by the Gates of Hell demo. Smooth gameplay, a different setting and a giant creature that fire shooting penis make this one of my contenders for GOTY '10
Blur: A variant on the typical racing games that have been out on the market recently, rather than a smooth race that is boring in my eyes, this game brings explosive power-ups that will change the race depending on how everybody uses them.
Alan Wake: It's unusual episodic level feature and eeriy day and night cycle sets to make this look like a survival horror with a difference.
Star Wars: The Force Unleased II: I'm personally looking forward to this game. After a prequel that needed some work, TFU2 is sounds like it will try to correct it's predessor's faults and improve with new features.
God of War III: As a big fan of the GoW series, this is a must play for me. Smoother gameplay than ever before, beautiful graphics and a story that sounds set to beat a lot of films, God of War III looks set to be one of the biggest sellers Sony has for the coming year.   read

5:21 PM on 09.24.2009

Care to deliver R*

I'm not being a hater but can Rockstar live up to what they promised for PlayStation owners and deliver us the content for PlayStation Home, which they promised they would be supporting heavily. It seems they are supporting it so heavily that it must be invisible or we have been screwed over.

Honestly, PS3 owners have been screwed by R* since they announced. First we didn't get the DLCs that the 360 recieved and now, after PlayStation Home has been out for over 9 months, there are signs that we probably ain't even gonna get what we were promised.


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