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Free Monster Hunter FU Game + T-Shirts

It's been confirmed that CapCom are sending em an extra two T-Shirts to give away so I have 5 T-Shirts and 1 Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Game to give away, absolutely free. All you have to do is answer the question in the comments box and viola. http://thecheesegrater.co.uk/monster-hunter-freedom-unite-competition/


Free Monster Hunter FU Game

...or limited edition T-Shirts! Pretty easy question: What's the name of the Encyclopedia they use in the game? Post your answer here: http://thecheesegrater.co.uk/monster-hunter-freedom-unite-competition/ Good luck!


About squirtsone of us since 10:02 AM on 07.03.2009

I have a Wii, PS3, used to have a GBA and PSP. My main game at them moment is Burnout Paradise, just for the online factor. Shooting games FTW, I have Urban Terror on my mac as it can't run counter strike. I'm on at least one of my machines throughout the day and am pretty much wasting my life on them. Which is fine because it's fun.

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