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raguio avatar 3:23 PM on 07.27.2013  (server time)
Open Discussion: On FEZ II: Why are "we" so open about Social Media?

In regards to what happenes between Phil Phish and Marcus Beer, something stroke me as interesting.

Having graduated from Art School, I know people in other entertainment industries such as film, music, and animation. What they have told me is that cases such as this, when professionals lash out on media, are almost non-existent. Comparing this to our industry has made me realize that both media outlets and developers bursts out on media like Facebook and Twitter. I can hardly imagine seeing poeple like John Lasseter and Brad Bird responding to media outlets in such mean spirited ways.

Sure, we have seen things like Amy's Bake and Cake and Amanda Bynes hit the mainstream news when it comes to social media breakouts, and heck, we all know how open Donald Trump is on twitter, but these things happen more commonly in our community and industry.

I'm not bad mouthing the video game industry. I love it, and that's why I became a 3D Artist for Games; so that I can do what I love with the people I love. But this has genuinely intrigued me today. This has happened with Jonathan Blow before, Cliff Blezinsky, and also people lashing out to Randy Pitchford on the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines. Jim Sterling, commenting on today's events regarding Fez II, says that what you best can do is to avoid those fights.

So, I want to open discussion on the comments based on the question "Why is the game industry as a whole so open about Social Media more than other industries and branches."

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