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8:21 AM on 10.14.2007

an actual blog entry

Well my first blog entry was to just get rid of that thing which says you suck...start a blog by god and I wrote a very short and rubbish blog mostly cause I was tired and couldn't really be bothered but I am actually going to try to make a real blog post now.

just before Halo 3 was released they had that competition for 100 people from the UK to crack a code and give them a reason why they should go I tried to break the code thinking I would never break it cause it is too hard.
Turns out it only took me 20 minutes (I tried to find a pic of the code couldn't find it.)
it was like 094756381-cv324 5 lines of stuff like that.
well I sent my reason in a few days later got an email asking me to confirm I was going then another confirming I would be going :)

I was able to get a good few pics when I was there I am only going to put up a few keep the good ones to my self for now :)

the event wasn't too bad but it could have been much better and they could have done alot more with it the whole thing was over by sbout 8pm there were 360s out to play on but there weren't that many and there was free beer I only managed to get 1 and they ran out.

Pharrell was at the UK launch as well as a bunch of other celebs most of which were on big brother so not real celebs and christian slater was there the only one I missed getting a pic of and I am not sure but we think that Simon pegg was there too. anyway Pharrell wasn't very good at the game but it was the first time he had ever played it and he came in second last Carmen electra was lastwe didn't even see her over the live and only heard a very echoed voice over live of her but ll cool j was kicking ass in it he was very good.

And they had a player match were 2 from each side (ones wearing red bands and ones wearing blue bands) played against each other for that side to win the game which was totally setup as one sides controllers mysteriously ran out of battery all of a sudden and in the end gave everyone a free copy of the game and a free t-shirt.

well thats about all I can be bohtered to write and I am actually glad I made my first blog post cause I got some good funny pics off it :)   read

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