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play a lot of classics wii, smash, and anything Japanese.
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Yes I am a fanboy of super smash brothers and here are some of my ssbm/ssbb gifs.

Gross chain grabbing

sacred combo

Jiggs singing orgy

rainbow fox

fox dance party

ganon circus

rainbow yoshi


Here is a collection of gifs I've made of one of my favorite animes "Gurren Lagenn".


Sorry if this is a waist of space on the c-blogs, this is a re-post because I moved all the pictures. So here are my "Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin" gifs.


10:18 PM on 03.16.2009

ok, so I guess everyone liked my set of "hey ash" gifs (i moved them so I'll re-post them in another blog), so I will post up all my d-toid/gaming/anime/nerd gifs up for anyone to steal and use as they please.