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spaztazm's blog

7:10 AM on 02.06.2012

Custom Gamer Jewelry and more. SALES!

hey Every one, its me Spaz again.
Yup just informing you all of some new items, current sales and more!

Its the month of Love, so i have a few pair of Mario heart mushroom earrings along with a few other Fan Favorites are in stock!

Also save 10 % at check out when you use the code :DTOID

Customize your order, request different colors, Or contact me for something completly different, i take requests!

check out my shop for prices, and other cool items.

Have facebook?
So do I, come on over and "like" my page, share it, and help me reach my goals and find out how you can win FREE jewelry!

Thanks for looking, feedback, and kind, constructive criticism is welcome :)   read

12:43 PM on 01.12.2012

Hey Every one! some new Jewelry to show off.

Well its been a while since i posted a blog in here.
I wanted to share my facebook page and ask if you have one/know some one who might like my jewelry, like and share my page with them. :)

I'm trying to get my likes to 500 by jan 31st, and can use ALL the help i can get!
If the goal is reached, i will be giving away 3, $30.00 prizes from my shop (winners will get to pick anything they want from my shop equaling up to $30.00, with over 80 items $30.00 or less to choose from!)
You can see and purchase some of my jewelry at

A lot of my items are gamer related, but not all.

My page currently has 100 likes.
My shop is slow, so now would be a good time to order something (wont take me a full 2 weeks to make and send)

i got 1 negative over the holiday season, from a customer who clearly didn't read what they were buying, and has since chosen to ignore all my emails and messages on etsy in attempt to find a happy middle ground where we are all happy.
(customer wrote in feedback that it had been 10 days and no earrings had arrived, when the listing clearly states the item is made to order and could take up to 2 weeks to make and send alone, so obviosly they didn't bother to pay attention, or they are some other seller trying to give me a hard time)

I also opened up a "smoke shop" its just for basic metal pipe covers, like this one

If interested in something like this, you can contact me on my facebook page, or on etsy

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog!

I hope everyone had a great new year!

Spaztazm   read

5:57 PM on 11.27.2011

Bite me Gamer Jewelry and more.

Just open it and look... My stuff is worth a quick glance I promise.
So I recently posted about some of my new pieces.... Im an artist/sculptor, and I make and sell Jewelry, cell charms, key chains, hair clips... a bunch of shit... even ornaments.
Well, check my shop out, "like" it, buy something, just remember to use code "DTOID" at check out, and save a little.

Heres a link to my shop

You can also find me on Facebook, and "Like" my page!

Im Also on Deviantart!

Heres a few pics of my items.

Well thanks for looking, I hope you stop by my shop to check out even more of my pieces.

I also take custom orders... so if you enjoy the things you see, but theres something you have in mind, let me know!

Again, here is my shop link

And remember, save 10% off your whole order with code "DTOID" at check out!

Allyse Of Spaztazm   read

8:41 PM on 11.25.2011

Spaztazms new Creations

[b]So its Been A LONG time since i posted anything on the site.
I wanted to update every one about my etsy shop,

I now have over 100 items, Ranging from Ornaments, necklaces, bracelets, but mostly earrings, and mostly Studs.

My shop has slowly grown, and ive slowly gotten better at what i do.
Unfortunetly, there are always "new comers" who put a damper on my sales.
But, i keep on keepin' on.
Lifes a garden, Dig it.

Anyways, please, stop by, and check out my etsy shop.

Heres a peek at a few of the items in my shop!

So if your Reading this, and are intersted in ordering anything in my shop, get it and save 10 % your entire order from my shop, with code "DTOID".

Thanks for reading.[/b]   read

10:01 PM on 12.01.2009

Retro Gaming sale

My names Allyse Jenkins, im 22 years old, ive been making cool charms, key chains,necklaces,earrings, rings, and much much more out of polymer clay for a LONG LONG time now.. close to 10 years.

My husband loves this site, and has constantly told me i should post a blog on here because the stuff i make might be of interest to other gamers.... so i finally broke and here i am.

Some items for sale now, if interested in an item/s but they are not listed, simply message me and i will make and put up on just for you.

if youd like to make an order you can do so through the, its a safe way to buy items.

a few pics of Some items i make and sell... sorry if the images are to large.

More items can be seen at any of the following links   read

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