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I played Bob's Game

As quite a few of you people here know, there has been quite a bit of brouhaha over the so-called video gaming "achievement" Bob's Game, the homebrew DS game made by one person over a period of five years. And now, after all ...


At Midnight, All The C-blogs..

Last night, I went out and saw Watchmen, and I have to say that I have enjoyed it, for what it's worth. Even so, I went in with pretty low expectations, but I still liked it a bit all the same. However, as a movie, it's nothi...


Virtual On XBLA: Slightly More Stable Thoughts.

Okay. Apparently, it's going to be the final release of VOOT, v5.66, it's going to be out in Japan in April. Nothing about other territories yet, but considering that the original VO was out worldwide, there's a chance we all will get VO+ sometime or another. Ideally, if there aren't any twin sticks forthcoming, the control scheme should be using the triggers and the analog sticks MARZ -style.


This is all your fault, Racewing!

Now I've gotten myself into the Destructoid community. Oh well. I've been trying to playing Armored Core 4 on the Xbox 360 recently. The last time I tried to play an Armored Core game, I went into debt so fast that my PSX fr...


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