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space man spiff avatar 7:12 PM on 09.14.2013  (server time)
A Very Overdue Intro Post & Why I'm Bad At Internet

Hi Destructoid Community, this is my attempt at an intro blog post, despite the fact I've been creeping in the community for about a year or so. 

.....Yeah I really don't know what to do. So I've been sort of watching Destructoid for a few years. Last year I even took the plunge into the forums, and then sort of stopped doing so on and off. So I figured I would try yet again with a brief intro about who I am. 

Hi my name is Conor. I live in Boston, and work as a freelance Videographer/Editor. I have a wonderful partner, a dog and a very opinionated cat. I do like my video games, and I do believe they make up a good percentage of what I like doing in my free time. I also enjoy other nerdy things like comics, movies, etc etc. I think my favorite three video games are Pokemon, Persona 4, & Mass Effect. Oh I'm also really terrible about talking about myself in the written form which I'm sure you have gathered by now. Also I suck at blogs and internet things like forums. 

I honestly think it's because it can seem a little overwhelming to me. There are so many topics of conversation going on it's hard for me to follow or stay on track. Also if I step away from my computer for a little bit I feel lost when I return to it. Also I sort of suck at idea's to talk about, and when I finally do it really takes me a while to compose them enough in my head to type them out. (Seriously it has taken me two and a half beers & an entire Mystery Science Theater 3000 to even get this far in the post). I don't know I just really suck at blogging and the like. 

However! The one thing that is not the problem is the people here. The people I have talked to here online in the forums, have always been friendly, supportive and just generally really cool. The few I have had a chance to meet in real life have been super nice to me and makes me feel comfortable to talk too, even though I am usually horribly awkward around new people I meet. And it's the way people in this community interact with each other and generally treat each other like family that keeps making me want to come back to the community and try not to suck at this. I think what really did it for me this time around was seeing all the posts about the most recent PAX Prime.Everything I saw from twitter, facebook, pictures etc made me really happy, but also really made me want to try to reconnect and  be better at this. People here seem really accepting and just awesome. So I can't say I'll be good at keeping a blog, or post much in forums. If you do see me though it's because I am trying to reach out to you awesome people. (also it might give me a chance to use a more diverse vocabulary then just awesome).

I hope as intro's posts go this isn't too crazy long or whatever. I'm happy to take any recommendations on how to be better at this. I may not post in this much, but you friendly people will keep inspiring me to try. 

So uhhh that's really it I guess. Thanks. 


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