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9:04 PM on 11.25.2008

Just because I could run screaming into the street waving my genitals about doesn't mean I will.

I am going to start this by using my genitals as an analogy for the DS touchscreen and the Wiimote, something that has surely been done a million and one times for a million and one reasons (and probably once or twice for real), but it is the best one to use for the point I am trying to make so we'll count this one million and two.

It would be a safe assumption that most everyone thinks their own items are awesome, with a great many uses that the individual in question couldn't live without and as much can be said about people who enjoy the unique functionality of the DS and Wii. I've spent alot of time marvelling at the simple fun a new interaction method has added to how I play games as, various glaring failures aside, when they work they are alot of fun. Much like genitals.

But I don't always need them in my hand 24/7. Knowing they are still there is nice but I want to be able to use them when it is appropriate and thus I reach the point of my ever growing frustration with being made to use the touchscreen or Wiimotions when I don't need or want to.

Case and point the SvR 2009 games for the respective systems, the DS one in particular. It makes me use the stylus and touchscreen to do things that would be better served by a button press, IN NO WAY, does the touchscreen use make the game better, point of fact it makes it a massive pain in the arse. A similar comment can be made about waggling in the Wii version. It is thoroughly unnecessary.

Just because they are there doesn't mean they have to be used for every damn thing every damn time. I could go out in the street, junk in hand, parading myself around purely to remind the world that it is there and it has a variety of innovative uses. But I won't because that will scare people away from using me because they'll think that I use it for everything, which is silly. Inappropriate Wiimote and stylus use is like me using my member to stir my coffee, yeah I CAN, but it would be fucking stupid.

Developers, I fucking hate that you are forcing me to stir my coffee with my junk, that is why we have spoons and buttons, use them, the Wiimote and stylus are awesome, wouldn't want the world of gaming to be without them but much like genitals, keep them in your pants until you actually need to use them.   read

6:38 AM on 10.28.2008

Drew PONG on a drunk friends face, dressed as Ryu and played the hell outta Street Fighter 4

So it's been a while since I last posted or even really visited the site. I'll site laziness, booze and a total lack of motivation for the absence. That said, I've a few amusing little pics to show for my time away.

Don't get drunk around creative gamers. A friend of mine had wandered northward from Sydney and found himself back amongst Brisbane and his friends. My line of work kept me from enjoying the evening proper, but showing up late with a bottle of Herrandura tequila is a respectable way to enter a party, regardless of timing.

I INSISTED that we drink it, regardless of how tired or drunk everyone was. So with my brutal regime of shots taking its toll, my dear friend passed out. Naturally the first thing to pop into my head is to mess with him. Another friend has beaten me to this and, for some baffling reason, drawn a single neat line down the unconscious mans face. So, given that one good baffling turn deserves another, I said, "Draw a game of PONG on his face!"

So we get this

I so dearly wanted to create a stop motion animation game of it but I was pissed and quite surprised that things had gotten this far. The next day I hear him get up, go to the bathroom, piss and flush, then I just wait in the most beautiful of anticipations. "WHAT THE FUCK!?!" Comes blaring from the bathroom and I latch the lock on my door before he can exact any revenge. He sees the humour in it now.

I've been playing Street Fighter 4 in my local arcade for the past month and a half now and I love it. That said I do have a few complaints. Removing parrying for the focus attack bugs me a tad, though to be fair, it does create a parry that can fail on you thus preventing overuse and balancing the game a little better. I still miss parries though. The game has a few priority changes that I am yet to work through, my Zangief is as destructive as ever and due to the beautiful camera angles on the Revenge moves, even more beautiful, but Iam still suffering a bit due to odd priority. I have managed to make my presence known at the arcade, demolishing all but the most sensible and adaptive opponents, but dammit, some of the old tricks don't work and I miss them a tad. Still, time to move on I suppose.

Although it is odd that the game skews away from supers, given the short life bar, the long time to build a super move and that each character only has one (give or take) to just throw a "revenge" move in that is even easier to come by. Strange lack of balance there given the attention to detail everywhere else.

Finally, I got to dress as Ryu at a friends costume party. Well, a dodgy SSF2 Turbo pallet swap of him at least.
You see, I'd gotten nigh leathally drunk the night before, as when a particular friend of mine and I decide to get tore up, it means at least for or five bottles of spirits. Come about 8 in the morning and it's getting a little warm so we decide to make use of his pool and, when I got out slightly chilly an hour later, a warm beam of sunlight seemed an inviting place to sleep.

I slept from 10 am to 4:30 pm in Australias sun. I woke up, moved, screamed, moved again, cried and then got dressed and went to work looking like the son of a woman who was raped by a beetroot. I was damaged, hungover and suffering from heat stroke but goddammit, I was dressing like Ryu.

Here are the results, bearing in mind I have already explained about my colour (oh and at one point I fought a ninja, a gay sailor and a lamp).

So that was what has happened to me lately. Gonna stop being a lazy prick and re-engage in the culture I enjoy now.

By soul3150   read

8:29 AM on 07.07.2008

Some ideas for terrible, terrible games.

I've had a bunch of thoughts go through my head and, as is often the case, they need to be vented so they can leave me and inhabit some other poor soul.

So here are some ideas for games that must never be made.


You've just been convicted of a crime of your choice! Was it rape? Was it murder? Are you actually innocent? Were you just harshly dealt with by a judge? Well you get to choose as you create your Em city character as they enter for the first day of the rest of their life. Never has choosing your characters race ever been so important!

Delve into the life of a prisoner with life. Pick a gang to support and help them thrive in their business. Run the drug supply and feed the hungry prioners their tits. Control the lunchroom and wield influence with extra servings of pudding. Get rid of snitches for the other gangs IT'S ALL UP TO YOU!

With a detailed create-a-shiv component as well as interactive rape simulator Oz: The MMORPG will give you the chance to decide whether Schillinger or Adibizi has the bigger dick.

Super Me Fighter 2.
This is a re-creation of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo but digitzed and I cosplay all of the characters.

Self Harmer DS
Finally a companion piece to Trauma Centre. Nobody knows the pain you are going through so it's time to take your stylus and show them! Featuring a wide variety of implements and areas to cut you must make sure to cut your way to all the attention you could ever need without going deep enough to wind up a newspaper obituary like that Paperboy kid.

You know, I might actually play the Oz one.   read

4:35 AM on 06.22.2008

I met some of the guys from Pandemic studios on Thursday.

I have lived in Brisbane my entire life and have basically thought of it as being distant from anywhere or anything of much importance. This wasn't something I disliked, the womblike quality of the city has allowed me to toddle through life with ease, but it did leave me with a feeling of irrelevance.

Well, turns out I'm just a tard.

Apparently, Brisbane is the hub of gaming design in Australia as explained to me by the boys from Pandemic when they stopped by the bar I work at. We got to talking while they were on a cigarette break and as a result of that I'll be doing some consumer feedback stuff for early builds of games. Not exactly beta testing but it will still be pretty sweet fun. Basically they get in people from all classes of gaming, hard to casual and different genre fans and market test stuff at them.

I can't wait. Finally I might actually be near something newsworthy before everywhere else in the world.   read

4:16 AM on 06.13.2008

I've decicded to use a Mario Kart based system for rating the attractiveness of other human beings.

Bear with me here.

This all started a few nights back while I was at work. It was getting late, I was tired, nothing much was happening and, as is usual under these circumstances, my mind began to wander. A co-worker (Ken-yes THE Ken) was out with me having a cigarette when something particular to our Fortitude Valley wandered by.

She was a squat homonculoid creature round as she was tall, marshmallow pale and of a similar consistency. She was crammed into a white tank top and black bike shorts, both of which must have been threaded with a cloth/adamantium blend because these things were under a stress that would break bridge cables. The result created a butt-crack that ran up between her shoulder blades. She looked like Jabbas half human child from his first marriage that he gets weekend visits with.

The "Oh dear god" topping on this "Jesus Christ (shudder)" cake was that she was wearing a light up pink sash that read "18 and Legal". Presumably because the novelty shop was out of the "Giving it away" ones.

So I turn to Ken and say, "Man that bitch is nothin' but Mushroom Cup".

I didn't know what I was saying as I said it but due to our shared love of Mario Kart an epiphany hit us and we suddenly knew.

Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup, Star Cup and Special Cup are how I rate attractiveness now with the various tracks adding a further level of nuance to it.

Go forth and use!   read

8:12 PM on 05.21.2008

Melbourne had a "history of video games" show and I went: Gabe at Game On.

I live in a city called Brisbane, the capital of the sun-raped state of Queensland. It is small and womblike in that you can get by here, quite comfortably, with the bare minimum of effort.

Three guys on welfare can carve out a pretty sweet living hereabouts.

So I've never really travelled having only ever been to Sydney twice which is why I jumped at the chance to go to Melbourne. See, one of the guys I work with and two of my other liquor industry related friends were going to participate or otherwise observe the finals of the Woodford Reserve cocktail making competition and there was a spare bed in a hotel room.

So I raise some dough and off I go, just for one night but hey, why not?

The next day I awoke phenomenally hungover (comps put out ALOT of free booze, in this case, Juleps) around 9:50 with a 10:00 checkout, so we grabbed our stuff, each had a deodorant shower and left for a wander of Melbourne.

Then I see these ads for the Game On show and immediately make a beeline for it.

Outside the bulding was a large picture of the current day Mario with the vintage NES pixel Mario on the other side (I have photos of me in front of it but can't find my damn cameras USB thing) which set the tone nicely, so a ten dollar entry fee later and I'm inside.

One thing to get out of the way, though, was that I couldn't take any fucking pictures in the damn museum. The reason for this baffles me and infuriates me as there was some pretty sweet vintage equipment there and I would have loved to have showered you all with photos of. Oh well.

But to the show. We (Dan and I) trot down the stairs and into a classic arcade. Directly in front of us is a domino line of classic arcade games in their original cabinets. Missile Defence, Bezerk, Dig-Dug, Pac-Man, Galaga, Galaxian, Donkey Kong and many more. I had played Missile Defense on the Atari, but playing it with the trackball and three separate buttons for the differing firing locations mad it far more fun. I spent the better part of 45 minutes just playing away in the vintage section alone. Bezerk was just as fun as I'd remembered.

This section also sported a table-top Space Invaders whose progress was displayed on a giant screen for all to observe and an original Pong arcade machine. In short, the vintage section was a fuck-tonne of fun.

The show then branched off into the consoles with everything under the sun. Magnavox Odyssee playing Pong, which was incidentally entirely crap and unplayable, check. An old NEC unit with the CD drive attatched playing "Fighting Street", yup. It was an archive of odd and failed vintage consoles, most of which I had only ever heard of.

The consoles spread out for a while before blending into the handhelds and finally the current gen stuff, with a few PC classics thrown in for good measure (Doom, Monkey Island and the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy text Adventure game). There was a section with a few Miyamoto sketches, some stuff on GTAIV and controversy in games and a small section on the cross pollination between games and movies, sporting a poster for the cinematic masterpiece "Super Mario Brothers".

Despite all this the show was actually terribly laid out and woefully organized with no real organization of genre or time period. It was like an evolutionary chart that had been set to random so there were trilobytes sitting beside cats. In one display there was SF2 on one side, VF4 on another and Garou:MOTW opposite. HUH? There wasn't any coherence to what games were where, which is absurd if you are trying to chart the history of games. That said, there was a school excusion in that day and nothing makes me feel like more of a man than whipping a bunch of 14 year old kids at fighting games and ruining their day. I'm a big man.

There were other slight gripes as well, Orange Box=great, only having Orange Box on X-Box=?. Virtua Tennis as the Dreamcast game?

Had I been in charge there would have been a consistent accurate flow from the first games and laid them out chronologically splitting into genres when necessary like any decent evolutionary chart. I mean, having "Fighting Street" there and having no mention of it's relation to SF2 and the rise of one-on-one fighters is retarded. Having Doom there and not mentioning Wolfenstein or, oh I don't know, the CREATION OF THE FPS GENRE, is equally baffling. No mention of the video game crash and ET!?! Gah!

It was fun, well worth the entry, but in terms of being a "history of video games" it was pretty fucking poor. It was nice to see arcade cabinets older than most of the attendants there as it would give the filthy little urchins an idea of the roots of the games they play today, well, would have, were it not for the total lack of connection to any of the current stuff.

Someone needs to do it right, not me though I'm busy.   read

11:10 AM on 05.06.2008

Not video game related (IHUIA), I withdrew from Uni to become a pro wrestler!

IHUIA is an acronym for I Hate Using Internet Acronyms put there purely for the sake of saving an unloved joke from the gas chamber. That's where bad jokes go, like all the unloved puppies of the world.

At any rate, I've bought and played through No More Heroes and Zack and Wiki, planning on getting Mario Kart Wii and Wii fit as soon as I get paid. Mulling over a PS3 GTAIV pack but damn they are still pretty fucking pricey.

I stopped thinking about games and the other things that entertain me to focus on uni, but then I got some more hours at work and subsequently now work five nights a week. I was thinking that the only hassle on the horizon was the the omnipresent threat of looming assessment, which I hate, after all, why can't I just learn without being rated? But that's neither here nor there. The point is I dropped that shit and have gone to work full time.

I'm also training to be a pro-wrestler, finally, at the PWA.

The look on my parents faces when the phrase "I've dropped out of Uni to become a pro-wrestler", was uttered were truly priceless.

That aside, though I am likely to bring it up at every opportunity (hey, I've wanted to do this my whole life), I am looking forward to throwing myself at the things I love, like gaming and the possibility of more gaming and whining about crap on Destructoid.

Goddamn it feels good to not have anything to care about but which order I'm buying my next wave of games in.

Wiifit? Mario Kart? The World Ends With You?

Huzzah, nothing but potential fun!   read

1:56 AM on 03.13.2008

Not enough hours in the day...the best and last (for a while) of soul3150

I used to post here quite regularly. Be it insightful observations of the gaming world and the people who populate it, theory based analysis of gaming as a media or pointless drunken rants, it was all done (DAN HIBIKI) with a love of (Q!!!) gaming and my enjoyment of this site.

Much was the time spent talking on a range of topics with other bloggers or editors and I enjoyed it all, I also enjoyed playing games, but this is something I just don't seem to have time for anymore. Well, for at least the next twelve weeks.

Uni has begun once more and I have taken extra hours at work to help pay for books and (soon) a laptop to further enhance my learnin'. But I have begun to realize something. With Monday to Friday taken up with Uni and the weekend (as well as Tuesday and Wednesday) taken up with work, I haven't got a spare goddamn minute to really immerse myself in another game. About all I can do is square away a moment or two for some TF2 or SF3, but I can't bring myself to begin a game that requires more dedication.

I've been wanting to buy Zack and Wiki for a while now, not to mention No More Heroes, but I just can't spend the hours they deserve to be played. It's not that I don't have spare time, just that the time that I do have is usually taken up with naps to counter the exhaustion. Add to this the fact I have about 12 eps of Sam and Max to play as well as KOTOR 1&2 a friend loaned me and you can see that I've more games than there is time.

Same as my posting here. I used to visit daily, even hourly, and be moved to write and contribute to the discussions as this was something I genuinely enjoyed. Due obviously to the fact that I have no real GAMER friends. But I log on knackered with little motivation to read anything let alone write. I've been reading "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" by Paulo Friere and that book has a talent for taking it out of you mentally (on a side note it is a brilliant read), so I just don't have the brains left to pop in and read a whole piece let alone add a meaningful contribution.

It bugs me that my life has undergone such a huge damn shift in focus that I am being forced to leave behind once all-consuming and deeply fulfilling hobbies.

Though, I suppose that "leave behind" is not the right way to put it, more of a "put on hold" situation. I'll be on hiatus for about 3 months, but come break, I'm gonna drill through every goddamn game in my back catalogue and come to my PC with my eyes bleeding in joy to write about it.

God I'm fucking tired.

Gabe.   read

6:48 PM on 02.25.2008

Can PAL just die and go away now please?

I'll start this off by saying that I know little of the nuts and bolts of screens and definitions etc. When my more tech savvy friends start with their hd-1080p-whatever-the-fuck talk I tend to space out and think about butterflies and how they should be called flutterby's and how they will bring doom to us all.

The little I do know stretches about as far as knowing that PAL sucks filthy pleb dick for booze money. I may be mistaken, and if I am please feel free to correct me (I can't be arsed researching it), but NTSC display is meant to be better in the first place. But fine, Europe (and that still, mystifyingly, includes Australia) had a different system from the get go, sure, great, whatever.

That was fine a whiles back when all we got here were PAL tv's, but these days every goddamn one has NTSC support, even the shitty cheap one I recently bought.

Which brings me to my question of WHY IN THE MOTHERFUCKING HELL are games still zoned to PAL when they could all be bloody NTSC and I wouldn't have to wait for goddamn Smash Brothers. PAL is gone it lost the...whatever-the-fuck war and NTSC is king and we can all play games for it.

But no, now I gotta wait longer while the NTSC region gets it and starts playing which'll suck cause then they'll have a load of practise in and by the time I take my Wii out for some well supervised online fun I'll be getting bitchslapped back and forth by some bastard 13 year old American kid. And he'll probably have a bunch of stupid net acronyms as his little comment things and he'll tease me so at my lack of skills and I'll say I've only just got it and he will simply mock me further. God I hate him. Goddamn PAL bullshit. Fucking flutterby's.   read

10:38 AM on 02.24.2008

Games can make my mind do some pretty odd things.

I am a man of many minds. Not to the level of Fight Club, or even any diagnosable multiple personality disorder, more like a captain (me) in charge of a bunch of other people (ensigns mostly). They do what I tells them to do, most of the time, but they all function as independent units.

Case and point: my sense of humour. My mind will run off on it's own tangents, often against my will, and come up with nonsense all for its own amusement.

This is manifest in something that happened while playing Team Fortress 2 a little while back.

I had been killed by the unusually named sniper "Spiderman Delight", which then started a corner of my brain on creating lyrics to "Afternoon Delight", but with a Spiderman theme. Why? Beats the fuck outta me, but here is what I came up with before I had to leave the PC and chant "Om mane padme om" to still my torn psyche.

Gonna sling my webbing,
Gonna grab it tight,
Gonna get me some Spiderman Delight
Green Goblins always saying that he wants to fight
and the thought of hitting him is getting so exciting

He may be my best friends dad but that's okay
I'm not gonna let him go and blow me away

Pumpkin Bombs in flight. Spiderman Delight.

I hate that I got that far, that should never have been thought, let alone written. I do it now only to purge it.

Then there was what happened while I was playing Third Strike earlier today. I was Urien and my opponent was Oro, a typically easy match that I ended with Urien's sit-down powerbomb throw. As an aside, if there's a problem that can't be solved with a sit-down powerbomb, I don't wanna hear about it.

Then I paused it and got up to get a drink. When I came back I saw this.

What ran through my head, completely against my will, was a trashy romance novel based around Urien and Oro.

"Urien crouched, his enourmous manhood scarcely concealed behind a thin layer of cloth. Oro dared not stir, he had wanted this for so long but the cruel glare of a disapproving society had kept his desire at bay. But now, as he lay prone, Urien had finally given into his lust and dared what they had both so desired, and yet, both so feared.

Urien slid his hands up Oro's age withered but powerful thigh, shifting aside the paupers rags that had, for so long, concealed the object of Uriens lust."

It was, naturally, at this point that I had to go vomit a little and return to my PC and watch a bunch of those videos what where the girlies touch each other and stuff.

I can't switch this crap off. I'm considering medication as an option...   read

11:35 PM on 02.17.2008

Good Idea/Bad Idea: Jack Thompson on Destructoid.

Having just read Jims post, and visiting Jack's sparse profile page (c'mon Jack, spice it up with some headers or avatars, a snappy Anne Coulter one perhaps) my mind leaped for joy at the idea that he was actually here reading this site.

Mainly because of this.

But as I began to think on it, I saw the duel edged blade I was wielding in all of it's traitorous splendour.

Good Idea.

It will put Thomspon into direct communication with some of the best gaming lifestyle philosphers around, simple as that. Destructoid is the only site I have bothered to join, let alone contribute to, as it appears to be the only place on the net where gaming discussion crawls out of the "lol gay faggzzz" ooze and actually articulates itself with intelligence and consideration.

There is the possibility Thompson believes what he is doing and isn't engaged in a purely cynical book selling tour on the backs of the dead, therefore this contact is necessary. It will allow Thompson to see gamers that are not the crude construct of decade old stereotypes he seems to be operating on which is great as something that doesn't fit the pre-existing stereotype will force the brain into re-evaluation of his opinion. Hopefully, this re-evaluation might lead to a somewhat moderated view of gaming as opposed to the totally negative view he has now.

Secondly, and I might add selfishly, it will put us into contact with him. You know all those good discussions we've had over the months about this? The ones where we came up with many a point about the absurdity and outright idiocy of his campaign against games? How we all had great ideas we wished we could tell him in person, to finally give him a well prepared slice of our collective minds?

Well good news! He's here, has a profile and is, I presume, reading this stuff. So time to break out all the old genius cause now it's target has arrived.

On a personal note (and I am breaking many of my own rules here, but...fuck it), Jack you are a cretin who mistakes correlation for cause and invents connections where there aren't even any. You are a shameless whore peddling your book on the backs of people who have died in horrible circumstances by giving the grieving and the confused a simple target to hate, an incorrect target I might add. You have wandered into a group of people who know what they are talking about and will spank you back to your lair of ignorance with actual checked facts and a basic understanding of confounding variables, you are a laughing stock, you will be thoroughly schooled here and I look forward to your first blog post.

Bad Idea.

This is still the internets. Destructoid is good, but the filter isn't immediate or perfect, idiots will still get in and will (probably are as I type) inundate him with messages of crude profanity with no thought behind it. Jack will latch onto these as being indicative of the gaming culture and ignore everything else to suit his stereotype as admitting he has been wrong on anything is impossible for him now.

This could easily become another way for him to use his terribly skewed perception of reality to cast gaming in a negative light because, let's face it, the man is not acquainted with logic, honest debate or any real idea at all. Our points will fall on deaf ears and all of our shining brilliance will not penetrate the void that is that mans mind. It will be as standing and butting our collective head against a stone, fucking futile and leaving us with a terrible headache.

He will ONLY use any presence on this site to whip people into a rage which he can then point to as proof of his lunacy. The trouble is we can all fall for it, letting our emotions slip just a little, and while it will be due to the frustration of dealing with a fool, he will say it's all the Street Fighter I've been playing.

In closing, I just wish we could ignore him, but that simply isn't possible. He has the ear of the ill-informed, fitting as he is their Emperor, and so when he peddles his nonsense in his fancy new clothes, the fools listen. Then we are forced to defend our art against a pile of people who don't understand what they are angry at. So even though ignoring it is the only solution, it is nigh impossible.

I suppose this is just the paradox we face and it is ours to bear and that is all there is to it. We need a sword to fight and a double edged one is the only one available. We have to swing it but we must take care to cut ourselves as little as possible in the process, a duel of attrition, one that we don't want and, as usual, one we can't avoid.   read

5:16 AM on 02.17.2008

Reposting this for the sake of Thompson.

If my hero Jack Thompson has taught me anything, and repeated readings of his masterpiece garbed only in sanctified gamer blood has taught me all kinds of things, it's that it's okay to engage in certain acts as a means to an end.

See, when you need to get something done, something noble, something heroic, it is okay to make some sacrifices. Sort of like Jesus, but instead of sacrificing himself and denying the world a vital leader in the fight against these "video-games", Jack sacrifices other things. Like his dignity and reputation after mailing a sitting Judge some homosexual porn. Did any of you thank Jack for that sacrifice, hmm? Let he who is without a public record of unsolicited homo-erotic mail outs to high ranked legal officials cast the first stone on that one. Oh, there will be no stones thrown today as we can all see the male on male mail within our own hearts. This is what Jack has taught us

I was reading his prophecy, aloud, just last night, upside down in an EB I'd broken into, in the hopes that his incantations would summon a great magnetic field, or Thompson Shroud, to delete the evil when I realized what must be done.

I must single handedly save the world from the evil of video games, but it will take sacrifice.

The first enemy I must defeat are these things called "facts". I have never heard of them before but my only encounter with them has assured me that they are demonic spawns from the inky depths that had previously known no description. These horrors allow games to be made and sold on the basis that there is no "factual" (there's the devil! Right there! See it?!) causal relationship between exposure to interactive violent media and increased violence.

But the killers OWNED GAMES. There! Ha ha! Your own devil facts turned on you as the great deciever is want to do, some might say that this is an unrelated correlation that gives no-one a possible reason to draw a causal conclusion, like my assertion that me putting my pants on in the morning makes the sun rise. Well, it has every day so far and I shudder to think of the nightmare world we would be plunged into were I to forego pants and halt the very sun itself. If I do something and something else happens, no matter how many confounding variables, it is a direct link. TAKE THAT FACTS!

But that is not enough. The septic ooze has already polluted the humours of the younglings, now not even a level 15 Thompson Shroud is enough. They are dead already, living only to spread the disease. Thompson has spoken to me, through the medium of TV static, and I know what I must do.

The little children must die, all for their own good. And when I am done, all will know it was as a DIRECT RESULT of the writings and oratory of Jack Thompson and not anything to do with any other "problems" my case worker says I have. Her kids are first.

For God and Thompson.   read

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