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solidturtleman avatar 1:18 AM on 08.23.2012  (server time)
Team Ninja Wants to Make Metroid: Other M 2 (*sigh*)

In a Gamescom interview with Dead or Alive 5 director Yosuke Hayashi VG247 discovered the most horrifying fact I've heard in a while:

The possibility of Metroid: Other M 2 being born into this world exists.

Upon being asked about a sequel to Other M, Hayashi replied:
“Unfortunately Metroid is kind of out of our league as it’s Nintendo’s game, but we’re still in close touch with co-creator Sakamoto-san, so we want to do something with him moving forward definitely. It really depends on what he wants to do with the game first.”

Don't do it Nintendo. Don't.

Whether or not the original game was serviceable from a gameplay standpoint or poorly executed on a narrative level really is irrelevent to why this would be a bad idea. Metroid: Other M 2 is a bad idea because it restricts the franchise from evolving; Metroid: Other M lacks the innovation in gameplay that it needs in order to warrant a sequel. Almost every change it has made to the series, in gameplay and narrative the ability, do not have the ability to be expanded upon in a significant way. The plot doesn't have anywhere to go (unless they made a completely new plot or skipped past fusion) and the added the 3rd person/1st person, charging missiles, etc. were tied so tightly to the newfound linearity, that it would be impossible to place them in an explorable overworld, or non abandoned, many hallway filled research station. I really should provide evidence as to why... but I'm too tired right now. Maybe in the comments or a future blog.

Anyways, it probably won't happen considerinf Other M sold lower than most Metroid titles. But just maybe...

Also, I better not hear about anyone wanting a retread of Super Metroid's gameplay in 2.5D. We've already had 2 retreads. Just go play Super Metroid if you want the same gameplay.

How does everyone feel about this?


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