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solarstormkm avatar 8:24 AM on 06.16.2014  (server time)
We're live and looking to fund "Solar Storm" - a space rogue-alike, with a demo!

Yeah, that's right - another starving indiedev project looking for cash to support the development of their game.

I know, I know. The indiegames market is flooded, crowdfunding has become really competitive, and there are a lot of would-be developers out there looking to take your money and run. 

So why are we any different to them? Two reasons. Firstly, because Solar Storm could be awesome. Take the procedural generational principal of a rogue-alike, the construction mechanic of building a lego spaceship, and the brutal nature of FTL, mix it all up and you've got Solar Storm. 

Plus real orbital mechanics, strategic combat, ships which fall apart as you shoot them, and the chance to see your beautiful spacecraft pummelled by asteroids and meteorites. What's not to like? We've played it and we love it. Hopefully you will too, and you can find out by downloading our demo. 

The second reason is: because we're not going Early Access. 

There is a real backlash against Early Access, and we don't want to isolate our players like that. But we've gone about as far as we can go now without money. We've invested our own cash in this already, and now we need money for music, for food, for coffee, for our time. That's why we're on Kickstarter, because we want to produce a gold standard game at the end of this, not some alpha code on-going lash up which pleases no-one. 

So have a look at the Kickstarter, download and play our demo and then tell us what you think - and if you like it, share it. Thanks!

Ps - chat to us here or on Twitter @solarstormgame

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