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sodaguy22's blog

6:40 PM on 12.02.2009

Halo: No, Not That Halo. Why Are Games So Politically Correct? Plus Rambling.

Man I wish more video games would steer away from being so politically correct. But where do you draw the line you say? You say that people will get offended, angry, call for boycotts (very sad to see, or sometimes very fun...   read

12:38 PM on 07.15.2009

Here we go again: Flower creators says games must be more artistic

When I played Flower I didn't expect to feel so peaceful, but moving through the grass fields and listening to that wind blow was a very relaxing experience. I applaud Jenova Chen and his crew for creating a beautiful game ...   read

4:13 PM on 07.13.2009

So EA got bashed today....

In honor of today's news about UFC vs EA, here's a list of controversial and bumbling moves from the video game company. They slapped DRM on Spore, only to cause a backlash from consumers, and more people illegally down...   read

10:26 AM on 07.11.2009

Enought with Combat: Why Simpsons, Watchmen, and Sopranos Games Fail

It's sad to see video game developers either afraid of the risks or lacking the talent to turn comic books and TV shows into something more than another action game, which we already have enough of. I'm not sure exactly what...   read

6:27 PM on 07.09.2009

My problems with Mass Effect

I was surprised this game won awards, and people calling it their game of the year. Now with all the Mass Effect 2 news popping up, people still pile praise on the original, and I'm not sure why. I though it was a dec...   read

1:30 PM on 07.09.2009

Telltale Store Best Place to Get Tales of Monkey Island, not Steam

The Telltale Store has the best deal right now if you buy Tales Of Monkey Island Chaper 1: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal. The bonus includes a free episode from any of their games, so if you haven't tried Sam & Max, Wall...   read

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