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socialnorms's blog

9:47 PM on 05.03.2010

Halo Reach Beta thoughts

This evening I played a little over an hour of the Reach beta with my roommate and friend. What's different? Not much, but I'll touch on what I noticed and then add color with a blast from my filthy opinius. Fewer Cocks. For...   read

11:41 AM on 04.29.2010

Bungie, Activision, and Corporate Entropy

In 1999, a handful of demos included on a disc within Myth: The Total Codex included a video for another new direction Bungie Studios was taking. The idea behind it was to improvise using a small force of humans to survive on...   read

1:45 PM on 04.26.2010

I command you: Maganzo

Maganzo is so awesome that even the most deep-voiced, sexually deviant postmodernist English professor couldn't deconstruct it with a two-ton "wrecking ball."   read

11:18 AM on 04.23.2010

Splinter Cell: Conviction should get probation

Last night I tried Splinter Cell: Conviction, playing a bit of co-op and watching my compadre blaze through single player. I was not impressed. 1. The Story Everyone has heard it's a Bourne ripoff, but obviously the creator...   read

12:57 PM on 04.08.2010

Lag Switches now common on Halo 3: A Narrative

Girls don't talk to you. They don't even make eye contact with you. The High School Football Team has a habit of shoving your head in the urinals because it's less work than the full fledged toilet, and urinal cakes leave eno...   read

10:00 AM on 03.02.2010

How to never get laid by your girlfriend

From direct observation, cliched as it is: 1. Have pretty girlfriend who wants to feel loved 2. Be gaming addict 3. Be unwilling to acknowledge problem 4. Play WoW or other PC games secretly in your room until 2 a.m., get...   read

10:34 AM on 02.25.2010

Griefing in Afghanistan

Imagine getting shot by the guy talking horrendous trash. Or being able to call in artillery on him. ABC News Ran this story about how Afghan soldiers and Taliban talk shit about each other using old-school two-way radios...   read

12:41 PM on 02.24.2010

You should crawl like the snake you are

Does anybody else revel in crawling around on the ground, unseen? I'm crawling around the bottom of the corporate ladder as I write this. But really, what I'm talking about is going unnoticed in natural settings. I love thi...   read

1:47 PM on 02.23.2010

A response to Jesse Schell's future: Blech

Jesse Schell's vision of the future - a future where games consume everything and are an unavoidable, universal cheap trick to control behavior, and this somehow improves people, is rubbish. Click to here to see the video, r...   read

11:31 AM on 02.12.2010

Ecko Halo Stuff on Sale

Check out Ecko's sale for Halo stuff like this. CHEAP! I just snagged the track jacket for a friend's birthday, $17 including shipping. I rather like that white tee, too...   read

10:08 AM on 02.10.2010

Failed post - not public

This post wouldn't appear public, so after contacting tech support I had to retry. No, I'm not a spammer.   read

10:17 AM on 01.08.2010

RE5: Actually happening?

Check out this story from Uganda. "According to officials trying to tackle it, the crime is directly linked to rising levels of development and prosperity - and an increasing belief that witchcraft can help people get rich...   read

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