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8:12 AM on 08.27.2007

Best game ever. part 1. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

(Hi, and welcome to a feature i hope to start writing weekly or bi-monthly. It's called, Best game ever, as the title clearly states. Basically i State my favorite game at the moment, tell you about it, and you can rip my post to shreds and disagree with me in the comment section)

That's right, i said best game ever. Not best Fighting game ever, but best game ever. Period. what makes this game so great among the millions of fighters released before it? I'm glad you asked. The first thing you'll notice if you play for the first time, are all the classic characters missing from the lineup.(with the exception of Ryu, Ken, and Chun li) and while this may put you off at first, you'll eventually realize that many of the new characters are very reminiscent of classic charachters.(ie. Necro=Dhalsim, Remy=Guile) I won't lie, the first time i saw this i was shocked, and quite frankly, a little pissed. WHERE THE HELL IS GUILE!? Eventually, i realized that the new characters will all great in there own right. Now it feels weird going back to alpha and not being able to pick Urien or Mokoto. This game also has some of the most balanced fighting i've ever seen. Capcom really did a fantastic job on making sure that if you have the skill and know what to do, the fights can be quick, painful, and all flow together. From tactical recovery, to parries, to counters, lead-ins, combos, and kara throws, and hard to find something in the game Capcom truly didn't deliver and put alot of effort into.(No air blocking!?)

Although not quite as popular when first released, Third Strike has gained in popularity over the years, eventually spawning many of the best players to hold tournaments and meet for competitive on a fairly regular basis. Most players who play in the competitive side are fairly nice and easy to approach.(although this isn't always true of course) Ive haven't had to many problems, however. It's actually something ive enjoyed alot. I usually enter my local competition, get my ass beat in the first or second round, and then just kinda hang around and talk with people still in the tournament about strategy. Not to mention the Shoryuken forums are a great place to meet people to play on xbox live, discuss strategy with, and find local and distant tournaments.

Although the games not perfect by any means, the near flawless fighting, along with a great community and support thats still going strong, i'm pleased to have third strike as my first greatest games of all time article.

Think theres a better fighter out there? please, feel free to disagree with me, not to mention im always looking for good fighters to play.   read

2:16 PM on 08.21.2007

skate. Demo impressions

So last night i stayed up until 4 a.m. just waiting for this demo to come out, and i can honestly say that the wait was well worth it. I now feel like there should be no reason to ever pick up a THPS game again, its just not necessary. Im surprised at how well of a job EA black box did on this guy. Without giving to much away this game is exactly how a skating game should feel. When you take your board down a set of stairs, you actually see your wheels roll off of one step to the next, ass opposed to just floating down them. The developers hit the nail right on the head when they told us there really is a level of accomplishment everytime you pull off a line. So who else has tried the demo? Will you continue to play Tony Hawk after the full skate. game is released?   read

8:42 PM on 08.20.2007

Too Human out in Q1 08?

It seems theres a reason for all the recent talk of Silicon Knights and Too Human. The game was just today announced as coming out in the first quarter in 2008. From all the previews weve seen in the past though does anyone really care anymore? Who knows though, maybe Silicon Knights was able to fix all the problemsthis quickly.   read

4:35 PM on 08.20.2007

The evolution of destructoid

you know ive been reading this site now for well over a year now, and im sure none of you have ever seen me around, well thats because i only comment on posts regarding street fighter. I also tried using the forums and becoming a member of the community, but i often didnt find anything interesting to talk about. ANYWAYS, that all has nothing to do with the post just an introduction to my first blog i guess. so how long has it been since destructoid first went online? about a year and a half give or take a few months right? i remember first coming across this site when i would run my daily check on, which is a great site by the way. since the first time i saw the site back in august i knew it was a great site and how much people would like it. I didnt ever imagine it would grow as large as it has today. from my days of wondering what the hell happened to sheir to dtoids first appearance on G4 to Robert Summa's last post. Ive seen alot of whats been happening to the site for a while now, the only difference is ive been watching from behind the crowd. but i cant help but think of where the site is heading as the coming months and years approach. ive watched this site grow from a bland and boring layout with nothing to really jump out at the eyes, to now having stats based on how much ive participated in the community. Its only a matter of time before dtoid is the next gamespot.

Now that im also re-reading what ive written this post makes absolutely no sense to me but i just wanted to put what ive seen from this site into writing ive been silent for way to long.   read

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