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My name is Jon. I am in High School. My first game system was an SNES. I remember having great times on that system. Street Fighter, Mario, and many others. If there was one thing I would change about the game industry today, it would be to have games be more creative. Sometimes, I see games that I think look pretty good, yet are simply COD clones. I like COD, but other games that are clones of COD, no, just no. I am rather quiet. Anyone who has played a FNF with me knows what I am talking about.
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Lately, I have been revisiting one of the best stealth games I have ever played. A game that gives me a challenge. A game that is about shadows, gadgets, non-leathality, and the intensity of each mission. That game of course, is Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

Now, despite the boxart I put above, I have the PS2 version. AKA, the inferior one. The PS2 version, despite being graphically inferior, and having to load to get to seperate sections of a level, is still a great game. The campaign is stellar, and I reccomend it highly. I got back into this game by playing Conviction. While playing a round of Deniable Ops, I realized the stealth mechanics were dumbed down. This was more hunter/predator stealth, than Light and Shadow stealth. After I got the achievement for completing a game of Hunter on Realistic without being detected, I booted up Chaos Theory.

As soon as I got to the SP menu, I decided to play the Seoul mission. I found it rather fun. It felt great to feel like a ninja again. I did make a few mistakes though. I accidentally pressed square(the X equivalent) when an enemy spotted me, expecting to set off a portable EMP. Then I realized I wasn't playing Conviction. Another mistake I made, on another mission, was when I was hanging from a ledge. An enemy came to the ledge. I pressed circle(the B equivalent), expecting Sam to pull the guy off. Then I fell to my death.

God, there are so many things about this game that I like. The gameplay is awesome. The characters are rather interesting, you can even hear Sam have conversations with them, some are kind of funny. That's another thing, the dialogue. The dialogue is well delivered in the game, whether it be through interrogations, or conversations.

I much more preferred to stab Shetland, just so I could hear Sam's epic one liner.

Finally, the story. The story is great, though I wasn't really able to follow the story until the North Koreans destroy the USS Walsh. Which turns out to be an orchestrated war by Displace International.

In all, everything I stated above is what keeps me coming back. The stealth gameplay, the great story, the high intensity missions, and everything else.

Also, killed by a Ninja.

He says "blowpipe".

6:29 PM on 01.16.2011

Hello Dtoid community. The truth is that this is my second blog post. In my first one, I didn't really introduce myself to the community, so I shall do that in this one.

My name is Jon. My gaming habit started with Street Fighter II Turbo on the SNES, yet to this day, I lack skill at fighting games. The SNES was where I got my love for fighting games, RPG's, such as Super Mario RPG, and platformers. It wasn't until the Xbox where I got into FPS's. There, I got a liking for shooters, open world games, and online gaming. The PS2 played the same roll as the Xbox as well. It wasn't until about 2009 that I found Destructoid.

The way I was drawn to Destructoid was because of an article I saw on here about Pandemonium Warden in FF11. From there, I decided to look at some other articles, and loved the mix of news and humour. I didn't start lurking the C-Blogs until about June 2010. Then I made a blog in December. Overall, I love the community now, and would love to be a part of it.

Overall, I am a console, handheld, and a PC gamer. If you would like to know my GT, and Steam ID, I will put them in my description. I hope you guys will accept me as a part of the community! That is all.

Also, cocks.
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Hello, I am new to this whole blogging thing, I want to be part of the community, seeing as how this is my favorite gaming news website, and the community here is great. So yeah. I wrote this blog to explain why GRFS might come out in June/July.

As it said in the trailer above, the game was going to come out in Fall 2010. The only problem was, well, Reach, and Black Ops. Those two games, and a few more, were part of the reason that FS was delayed. Later, the game was slated for a March Quarter 2011 release. As the release date neared, the game was once again delayed. The reason was most likely again, competition. Killzone 3, and the release of the 3DS, in particular. And now, Future Soldier is coming out in April 2011 March 2012.

What I'm getting at here is this: Ghost Recon Future Soldier likely will be releasing in June/July/August 2011. Why?

Portal 2,
Mortal Kombat,
Red Faction Armageddon,
Hunted: The Demon's Forge
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

The above are all games that are coming out in Spring 2011. I haven't heard of much coming out in June, July, or August. The only things I could think of that are coming out at that time are SOCOM 4, and possibly inFamous 2. Future Soldier won't have that much competition. (Expects hate messages claiming that I hate the PS3, even though I intend on getting one.) If Future Soldier gets released during September, October, November, or December, it will be killed.

If you have taken your time to read this, thank you. Also, if you want to, state when you think that GRFS will be released.