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snotrocket avatar 9:42 PM on 06.10.2008  (server time)
Prey a.k.a. Alien Vaginas

The above image is no joke, not a photochop. This is a real scene from Prey for the 360. What would compel the designers of a quality game to have the players make love to a huge alien vagina?

This game’s somewhat old, 2006, but somewhat shows what the 2007 game of the year was going to be; Portal. You don’t shoot portals but rather locate them and travel through them. There are a few weird boxes that allow you to travel through them one way but if you go behind them you see the back of the box and not the portal. There’s also very good use of gravity you can change the gravity in a room or find these tracks which allow you to travel around the room on them upside down or on the side of the wall. This different dimension to the game makes you believe you are in an alien ship and being abducted, but there are times in the game where you feel your lunch just wants to say hello again.

The AI is decent, they know if their in a firefight to find health, they somewhat predict your movements around corners. Add the gravity effects and the puzzles of figuring out how to escape each room, fights can be much more complicated than one would imagine. There’s a room where aliens enter the room by portals and you happen to be on the ceiling and making your way along the wall to reach the floor but you have snipers and rocket shooting vagina spiders following you.

I picked the game up for $7, I may have paid $12 for it. With only about 10 hours of gameplay, I would say for anymore than $12 give this one a pass. It was a good game in between games, but I wouldn’t recommend to everyone. It is somewhat interesting to see the portal elements used in a game a year before it was released. If you dug portal, this is nothing like it.

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