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snotrocket avatar 10:44 AM on 05.18.2009  (server time)
Castle Crashers in the works!

We recently started our castle crashers costumes. We're not able to come anywhere near the level of skill that was first displayed when the game came out by that insanely good blue knight costume, but we're doing our best.
The animals are complete! They look amazing! I was really surprised how well they came out and all done freehand to boot. The heads I'm still painting but with the first coat of paint you can see they are coming out pretty good. Touch ups are going to be made to the totally white part in the front and cutting the eyes out for vision.
The girls will start sewing the tunics this weekend for the four of us as they'll be making their hats, princesses need hats

Below you can see the tubes primed then with the first coat of paint. Then my girlfriend holding up some to show the size of em.

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