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I snowboard.
I play games.
I play paintball.
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We've been doing our "For the Kids Marathon" event for 4 years. Starts today April 6th at Noon EST till the 7th Noon EST. I think the normal gaming marathons are kinda boring, I mean I don't mind watching someone play a game for a little bit but 24 hours is where I draw the line. What we do that's different is we have a gaming tournament in house, well in my basement.

I have my friends playing games and doing real life challenges as well, last year I built a wind tunnel for the finals that worked out well and was pretty cool, another challenge was while walking on a treadmill to shoot down ducks in duck hunt.

My personal favorite was playing Dead Rising and while you were slaying zombies we sprayed "blood" in your face to simulate the slaughter. I think having these challenges and tournament it's more entertaining and not just that normal marathon where you play Mario for 24 hours, that's cool and raising money for charity is awesome but as far as having content that I want to watch longer than 10 minutes, that it is not.

We always have prizes to give away to people watching and we also allow viewers to challenge our players to complete a game or certain objective, such as beating a level in dark souls without dying. If you can stump our players, we give away a tshirt, DLC code or something video game related we picked up over the year.

Here was a challenge to play RapStar but as the song progressed you had to put marshmallows in your mouth to make it more difficult, as if the game wasn't bad enough.

Check us out at we do have 3 streams, one for each TV we have going and it's never boring. There's more information on the site about what we are as well as more photos from previous years. If you have any ideas or challenges for us, come chat with us today at 12 PM EST. Donate to help raise some money for Childsplay charity and maybe win a prize for being generous.
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Today myself along with some friends have planned a 24 hour gaming marathon to raise money for Childs Play. We will be having a gaming "show down" among the participants at the event and allow the viewing audience to interact with us. We'll be giving away prizes as well as letting the viewers give ideas on what they want us to do for donations.

Please join us at to view, donate and interact with us!

Hey everyone we have gone live with our 30 hr video game marathon with all proceeds raised benefiting Child's Play. You can watch us live through 2 a.m. EST Sunday on Ustream

This isn't your typical gaming marathon where you as the viewer are stuck watching everyone else have all the fun. In our event you can participate and even win some pretty awesome gaming prizes! For more information on our prizes, Iron Man challenge and to donate to Child's Play visit our Facebook page

Donate as much as you can because it's for a really good cause. What's better than helping sick kids have a little gaming entertainment when stuck in the hospital?

We recently started our castle crashers costumes. We're not able to come anywhere near the level of skill that was first displayed when the game came out by that insanely good blue knight costume, but we're doing our best.
The animals are complete! They look amazing! I was really surprised how well they came out and all done freehand to boot. The heads I'm still painting but with the first coat of paint you can see they are coming out pretty good. Touch ups are going to be made to the totally white part in the front and cutting the eyes out for vision.
The girls will start sewing the tunics this weekend for the four of us as they'll be making their hats, princesses need hats

Below you can see the tubes primed then with the first coat of paint. Then my girlfriend holding up some to show the size of em.

9:01 PM on 06.28.2008

If you’ve read some of my other post, you’ll notice I love Kmart and their clearance game section. I figure I haven’t been there in a while and there was a new Kmart I’ve never been to and figured it was a good way to spend some time with the girl so we decided to make an evening of Kmart shopping.

That night we hit 2 Kmarts and scored pretty well at the 1 while the other was a total bust. The first one we ventured, as soon as I walked into the video game section I knew this was going to be amazing. They had games just thrown in the glass case with no order what-so-ever, clearly a sign that no one gives a crap and will sell you anything. Picked up a HD DVD player for the xbox for $12 and the Halo wireless controller for $15 and that POS game for $4. The HD DVD player is total ebay fodder as well as the controller as I already have 2. $15 for a wireless controller is the best deal you can get, I don’t care if it’s pink with dog vomit on it there is no way you can score a better deal. I also have a motto, if a current gen game is under $5, new and not a sports game I have to pick it up. I should have learned a long time ago that I should abandon this motto but what the hell. The other HD player I scored at my local Kmart which hasn’t marked anything down in price since the dinosaurs roamed. I gladly showed the manager my reciept from another store and asked for a price match. Very shocked at the price but without hesitation agreed and I walked out with another HD player.

As of posting date, I’ve sold both the HD players for $47 and $51 as well as the controller for $52. Not bad if you ask me for a few hours with the girl and making some easy cash. Do not pick up bullet witch, review coming very soon.

NO! I don't have a system to play these, but figured for $18 can't go wrong and I'm looking for a system anyways, I guess the guy threw in the H-Town "Knockin da boots" single tape to make up for the fact that there is no system to actually play the games. The initial listing on craigslist did include these games and the sega master system, for $25! Couldn't pass that up since I've been looking for one for a while now.

All the games include the original case, manuals and are in pretty damn good condition, except the 3 on the side. I saw the listing and what attracted me to it was the fact that it had the system but when I got there the douche bag said he doesn't know where it was, even though I emailed him 16 hours before confirming it included the system. I drove about 40 minutes to pick the shit up and couldn't leave empty handed, so haggled him down to $18 just for the games, well worth it. Here's a list of the games:

Space Harrier
Pro Wrestling
Zillion 2
Aztex adventure
king fu kid
R.C. Grand Prix
The ninja
great football
great soccer
great volleyball
great basketball
Montezumas Revenge
My hero
Alex kidd
captain silver
Alien syndrome

Pretty impressive list, with some killing games including Space Harrier, Rampag and Alex kidd and who can pass up a game called Montezumas Revenge? All that's left to complete this big score is a system to play them.