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sneaky bananas says:

More about me!

// Submitted @ 8:31 PM on 06.18.2008

Well I guess I will just post all of the game series I enjoy, and then why:
Metal Gear Solid - I love the stealth for one reason.
Ratchet & Clank - First PS2 game ever, I was like 7, still love it today.
Half-Life - Head humpers scared the living shit at me when I was little, love the sci-fi.
God of War - Still a fledgling series but love the mythology and gore.
COD - Well occasionally played it but cod4 was my first PS3 game. (haha duty!)
GTA - Running over hookers is as fun as LSD!
Halo - /Multiplayer/ on /slayer pro/ prisoner/ never gets old!
Pokemon - I'm not a fag just the first game I ever played. I don't play it anymore
Mario - Well come on I am a gamer.
Gran Turismo - Best racing simulator
Jak & Daxter - Read "Ratchet & Clank"
NFS - Other good racing game.
Zelda - Good ass N64 games.
Metroid - Fucking best sci-fi game ever!

Well I probably missed a few so I'll have to add to this.
"A surveillance camera?"

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sneaky bananas

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