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sneaky bananas's blog

4:36 PM on 06.20.2008

It's like I didn't even notice...

Hey everybody!
So as always I am having an awesome week, playing the greatest game ever METAL GEAR SOLID 4!
I'm on the third act, just met Big Mama (Lol?) and I just realized, MGS4 is so innovative!
I can't recall (it may be the large amounts of liquor filled chocolates) but I don't remember ever doing the same thing twice! I mean one minute your in the Middle East fighting those dreaded FROGS (wtf does that stand for; fucking really outrageous girl soldiers?) with Meryl and the gang, the next your fighting Laughing Octopus, and later your scouting and using the PMCs tracks to find Niomi. Next you have an awesome on rails shooting part gunning down Gekkos. Then you have to track down a resistance member. This really reminded me of Splinter Cell as you have to use NV for the whole mission. Then you find Big Mama, have a sentimental Mother Son reunion and off again shooting on a beatifuly modeled Triumph motercycle. This game just keeps on getting better and better. Single-handedly Best Game Ever!This game has to be Game of The Year 2008! Well I checked out The Patriots Database addon and it's very helpful, thats Destructoid for keeping me informed. Also that for everyones (well almost everyones) helpful comments.   read

8:31 PM on 06.18.2008

More about me!

Well I guess I will just post all of the game series I enjoy, and then why:
Metal Gear Solid - I love the stealth for one reason.
Ratchet & Clank - First PS2 game ever, I was like 7, still love it today.
Half-Life - Head humpers scared the living shit at me when I was little, love the sci-fi.
God of War - Still a fledgling series but love the mythology and gore.
COD - Well occasionally played it but cod4 was my first PS3 game. (haha duty!)
GTA - Running over hookers is as fun as LSD!
Halo - /Multiplayer/ on /slayer pro/ prisoner/ never gets old!
Pokemon - I'm not a fag just the first game I ever played. I don't play it anymore
Mario - Well come on I am a gamer.
Gran Turismo - Best racing simulator
Jak & Daxter - Read "Ratchet & Clank"
NFS - Other good racing game.
Zelda - Good ass N64 games.
Metroid - Fucking best sci-fi game ever!

Well I probably missed a few so I'll have to add to this.
"A surveillance camera?"   read

8:51 PM on 06.17.2008

Hello peeps!

Hi, this is my first blog post. Well after listening to the podtoid since the beginning and finally decided to join. Well first off I'm 13 years old (! pappears over rapists head) and I have the following consoles: PS2, PS3, GBC, GBSP, N64, DS, PSP. Well I'm a Play Station fan and I LOVE MGS!!!!!!! Like I got MGS 4 the day it came out (w/ strat guide; yes be jealous) and I love it. Hideo Kojima is truly a master of his craft. (Yes he gets me HARD!(yeah I know what getting hard means)) Well I like other series but right now MGS is like the moon, the rest of my life is the sun and I'm in a lunar eclipse. Can you dig it? Well anyway it's past my bed time and my room mates (A.K.A parents) are making me go to my car bed. Oh, I have to switch my controller now. (P.S. my dream is to be featured on the podtoid so make a note!)   read

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