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2:08 PM on 07.06.2013 // smurfee mcgee
Weekend Warriors: Tired Meme Village

Lol gamespot. I've heard bad things about watching this video with sound, so why not stare on in complete silence? Or play some ragtime or whatever it is you people do.

A combination of the past weekend endeavors, which were both seperate, Weekend Warriors is for all the folks who are busy doing things during the week. Jobs and kids and IRL interaction (blech) and stuff. It's basically FNF with a wider time range. Join us!

Got something you want to host? Post it here, or here and we'll get it included. Just let us know:

-Day Saturday or Sunday
-Time (EST works)
-Your gamertag/PSNID/NNID/Friend code/SteamID
And voila! You're good to go.

Rainy Weekend Schedule:

Game: Sonic & All Star Racing Transformed

Day/Time: Whenever/Sat & Sun
Host: PhilkenSebben
Steam: hillbillysk8

Game: Animal Crossing New Leaf

Day/Time: Saturday & Sunday, sometime.

Host: smurfee mcgee

Friend Code: 5284-1410-9454

Weird formatting ftw

-Any more hosts? Let me know and we'll add it to the schedule!-

You all did it. Monsters!
--smurfee mcgee

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