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smurfee mcgee says:

Weekend Warriors: Reborn Bird Riders

// Submitted @ 11:21 AM on 08.24.2013


A combination of the past weekend endeavors, which were both seperate, Weekend Warriors is for all the folks who are busy doing things during the week. Jobs and kids and IRL interaction (blech) and stuff. It's basically FNF with a wider time range. Join us!

Got something you want to host? Post it here, or here and we'll get it included. Just let us know:

-Day Saturday or Sunday
-Time (EST works)
-Your gamertag/PSNID/NNID/Friend code/SteamID
And voila! You're good to go.

The Birds:

Redzie says: Yo! FF14 early access starts on the 24th for those who preordered PC and PS3! I don't have a character yet but I will post details tomorrow after I get in. Dunno which server I'll be on though.

Any other hosts? Do let us know and we'll include you!

--smurfee mcgee
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smurfee mcgee

Those who have come:

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